Back Yards United
Acronym BYU
Establishment March 2007
Owner(s) Hawkins07
Staff Hawkins07
Formerly {{{formerly}}}

Back Yards United or BYU is a CAW Wrestling Fed operated by Hawkins07. It was dedicated about the world's greatest backyard wrestlers as of today. It was launched back on March 2007 with its first episode, being a 20-man Battle Royal. The last two men standing would be competing in the following episode to declare the first-ever BYU World Heavyweight Champion.



BYU Mega Events






Current Championships

Championship Current champion(s) Date won Previous champion(s)
"World" Heavyweight Championship Shadow MC  ? Ashley Dunn
"World" Tag Team Championship Team Riot (Ryan Rebel And Cory Diamond)  ? The Angels (Mike And Dean)
BYU North American Championship Jack Fox  ? Donavan Griffin
BYU European Championship Lee Andrews  ? Alex Ohlson
BYU World Light Heavyweight Championship PJ Matthews  ? Adam James Urwin
EBA World Heavyweight Championship Psyko Edge  ? Shawn Matthews
EBA World Tag Team Championship The Andersons (Dennis and Eric)  ? 2 Hardcore J.C. and Danzig
EBA World Internet Championship The Executioner  ? Adam Owensl
EBA Hardcore Championship The Pen Name  ? Rob Darby
BYU Championship Brandon Moore  ? Juvy
BYU Tag Team Championship McGoodwin (Alex McConnell and Chris Goodwin)  ? David Xtreme Kid And Big Mike
BYU United States Heavyweight Championship Jesus Jr  ? Big D
BYU World Television Championship Killswitch  ? Danny Legend
BYU Cruiserweight Championship Josh Wall ? Chris Marsh

Other Awards/Accomplishments

Accomplishment Latest Winner Date won Brand
Royal Showdown Ashley Dunn June 12, 2009 Aftershock
Lethal Lottery Brandon Moore November 1, 2009 Aftershock
Money in the Bank Danny Legend December 24, 2008 Aftershock

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