Barack Obama,is an American Politican. He is the current President Elect for the United States and is a former ICCW Owner and SMF Owner.


His gimmick usually is similar to that of the Rock in both SMF and ICCW and is assigned the nickname The Barrack due to this. However recently he has simply become too focus in promoting his new healthcare plan so is simply just referred once again as Barrack Obama

Story Mode Federation

Obama was made the owner of SMF after Bob Ross decided to sell all his shares in SMF. Obama as the owner was giving the fans what they wanted and making matches that put WWE at disadvantages. He had a fued with George Bush heading into Bitchamania which was a Ownership of SMF where the Hardcore Title was also on the line. Obama was defeated by Bush in the Ironman match 4-3. In the next season premier he announced the Great American Clash 2009 where he would hold talks about his new healthcare plan. He is the target of an assasination plot, at the moment the CIA has deduced that the chief suspect is the Green Ranger.

In Wrestling

Finishing moves and Sigantures

  • Barack O'Bottom (Lifting Side Slam)
  • The Presidential Elbow - (Feint leg drop transitioned into an high-impact elbow drop to the chest, with theatrics)

Championships and accomplishments

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