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The following page is a non-original CAW from Cartoons to Movies.

Batman Beyond"
Names Batman

Batman Beyond

Height 6'2
Weight 248 lbs
Birthplace Gotham City
Resides Wayne Manor, Gotham City
Billed from Gotham City
Trained by Trained all over the world
Debut 2004

Batman is a comic book superhero from DC Comics. He debuted in NoDQ CAW, where he was quite successful. However he has been most successful in SCAW, where he is the first Triple Crown and Grand Slam Champions. He has also been in other CAW leagues such as, EWE and AOL and FCW And CWF

Batman has held eleven championships in various promotions throughout his career, including three world heavyweight championships. He is a 1-time NoDQ CAW Champion, a 1-time SCAW Champion and a 1-time AΩL Champion.

and also he signed with the CWF long time ago after signing with theAOL

Finishers & Signature MovesEdit

  • Gotham City Drop/Bat Breaker (Vertebreaker)
  • Gotham City Limits/Bat Bottom (Rock Bottom)
  • Gotham Death Drop (Back to belly piledriver) - used in EWE
  • Arkham Asylum (Dragon Sleeper)

Championships and accomplishments Edit

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