BATTLE-X Grand Championship
Current champion(s) AJ Styles
Date Won April 25, 2015
League Battle-X
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Introduced April 25, 2015
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First Champion AJ Styles
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The BATTLE-X Grand Championship is a title owned and primarily defended at Battle-X. It is the top major championship in the promotion.

Earning a Title Shot

The rules in which a wrestler is allowed to contend for the Battle-X Grand Championship are different from most CAW Leagues and are more similar to the title contenderships for the Chikara Grand Championship. In order for one to contend for the title, they must accumulate three points. Each singles match win or fall counts as a single points. When a wrestler accumulates at least three points, they are allowed to challenge for the titles. If one loses a match before cashing in, they will lose all their points and have to start from scratch, regardless of how many points they had at the time. Points are also universal and can be achieved by wrestlers outside of Battle-X. These laws are also followed with the Lioness Pro Grand Championship.


# Wrestler Reign Date Days
Location Event Successful defenses Notes
1 AJ Styles 1 April 25, 2015 1061+ New York, NY Battle-X GoldenEye 0 Styles defeated Juan Francisco De Coronado to become the inaugural champion.