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Beard Samuelson
Beard Samuelson
Names Beard Samuelson
Height 5'11
Weight 170 lbs
Born March 21st, 1935 (Age 76)
Birthplace Norway
Died N/A
Resides Orlando, Florida
Billed from Norway
Trained by Bob Holly
Debut HVF Dumb Enough
Retired N/A

Beard Samuelson is a 76 year old who claims he can still go with anyone on the roster. He is very old so he sleeps a lot, even through fires. He is actually quite endurant and flexible for his age, being able to kick his own head. He placed 2nd in the EP1 Treadmill Challenge and out of the Top 3 in the Art of Wrestling Challenge. His most famous series of matches was Episode 3's Delaware Dumb Enough Deathmatch Tournament where he sustained huge amounts of pain to win the tournament. This put him over big time with fans of the show.

Personal life

Unbeknownst to many people, Beard Samuelson is a war veteran who suffers from Post Dramatic Stress syndrome. During Beard's early 20's, he was drafted to the U.S Military after he moved to the United States in search for work.

During this time, Beard had fought in the Korean War where he witnessed the death of his best friend, which was when his PDS began to set in. So every now and then when he competes inside the ring, he imagines his opponents are the bastard Koreans who took his friend's life.

HVF Career

Beard Samuelson was a standout in the first season of Dumb Enough through mainly his wrestling matches. His most well-known match while on Dumb Enough was in Episode 3 against Lou Theszpian where he endured large amounts of punishment to win the match and the fans. He fought against Michelle Carribbean Cool at Empty Arena II for a HVF roster spot and won, even though the finish was botched and had to be retaped. With this win he could join any team in HVF.

Beard was drafted to The Federation at The Rough Draft in February 2012 when H3 beat Brutus Briefcase to earn a draft pick for his team. At Cirqus Deliqious he won against Renah Doopwah to achieve #1 contendership for the Open the Bathroom Gate Title. He defeated teammate TF British at White Text on a Blue Background for the title. He later unified his belt with Val Venis's Incontinental Championship at Very Large Wrestling Event XXXVIII, but lost both belts at Empty Arena III to fellow teammate H3.

Beard also appears in nL/HVF Raw 2 Season Mode as a member of HVF.

Championships and Accomplishments

Hogan vs. Flair (HVF)

  • HvF Open the Bathroom Gate Championship (1x)
  • HvF Incontinental Championship (1x) (Unified at Very Large Wrestling Event XXXVIII against Val Venis)
  • HvF Dumb Enough Season 1 Winner


  • "The Old Man of Hardcore"
  • "Geezer"

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