Names Beast
Height 6 ft. 4in.
Weight 260 lbs.
Born February 6th, 1971
Birthplace The Bowery, New Jersey
Resides New York, New York
Billed from Freaksville
New York City
Trained by Dory Funk Jr.
James "Jimmy" Jackal
Debut 1995
Retired ---

Leonard Fritzpatrick (also known as Beast, currently known as Fritz) is a professional CAW wrestler, currently under contract with HardCAW TV. He wrestled and earned his fame in WCW. He is known for his different flamboyant attires, and recognized as one of the most legendary wresters never to have won a championship in his 13-year career.

Personal Life

Fritzpatrick was born with Down's Syndrome, and was a victim of anti-social bullying. He overcomed this, however, when he took on professional CAW wrestling and became one of CAW wrestling's most loved or hated wrestlers.


World CAW Wrestling (1999-2001)

Ultimate Jobber

WCW Booker John Hay-Z found a star in Fritzgerald, and decided to give him a chance after what he had been through in his life. Fritzgerald debuted in WCW under the name Beast, which is the name he has used in his whole career. He squared off with many top WCW wrestlers such as Big Show and Steve Austin. He earned most respect when he took on Undertaker in an Intercontinental Championship, which he lost. But he earned the Undertaker's respect after the match. After 7 months with the company, he decided to take time off wrestling.

Return (2001)

Beast returned in 2001, as the sixth participant in the annual New York Bash Elimination Chamber match, which he came 3rd. One of his most popular storylines in WCW was as a member of Predator Zone, and they took on the Severe Snakes (Lethium, Scar and Mixblow) on many occasions. In June, Beast finally left the company, saying that he enjoyed the experience he had.

HardCAW TV (2009)

Beast will be apart of the HardCAW TV series in 2009 under the name Fritz.

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