Ben Hopkins is a CAW Wrestler currently signed to WWA(Wesley Wrestling Association)

Ben Hopkins
Ben h 1
Names Ben Hopkins
Height 6'2
Weight 250 lbs
Born 20th January
Birthplace London England
Resides London England
Billed from London England
Trained by Nightwing
Debut 2009

Former Leagues


1.1 Wesley Wrestling Association

1.3 Nightwing

1.4 Finishers and Signitures

Wesley Wrestling Association

Feud with Mr.Olympia

Hopkins debuted on episode 1 where he confronted mr. Olympia for stealing the spotlight from younger stars. Both men went on to form teams of 3 for wwa armagedon which olympias team won.


Both Ben and Triple E tried to get Nightwing to join the Manic Destroyers as the team lacked strength going forward. Nightwing kept refusing so during his match with Nathan Slash at No Way Out they attacked both men. In a later tag team match Nightwing turned on Slash and allowed the destroyers to win. On episode 16 Nightwing revealed it was all a set up and he was the leader of the Manic Destroyres. On the same night the Manic Destroyers defeated Extreme Vipers.


  • Manic bomb (Poewrbomb)
  • Ant that a kick in the head (Punt Kick)
  • Psycho driver (Piledriver)

Championships and accomplishments

Allies/Tag teams


Triple E (tag team partner)

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