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Berserk is an all-women CAW league base of the hit anime series, Wanna Be the Strongest in the World (Japanese: Sekai de Ichiban Tsuyoku Naritai). And it's affiliate with Sports Entertainment Alternative. It premiered May 20, 2014.

Wanna Be the Strongest in the World's Berserk Logo (1)
Acronym Berserk
Establishment 2014-current
Owner(s) tbd
Staff Owner: tbd
Commentator(s): Torrin Fluker (Ep. 1-10; Ep. 12-present)
Co-Commentator: Joseph Matos (Ep. 11)
Formerly  ???
Website Berserk on YouTube

Berserk Info

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Berserk Rosters

Superstar Name Alignment Billing Signature(s) Finisher(s)
Akiko Saito
Alice Smirnov Heel Lariat
Arisa Morishima
Beauty Ichigaya
Bomber Kishima
Bunny Bomber Bunny Hop
Candy Cane Heel Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Chiaki Murakami
Chiharu Murakami
Chris Morgan
Cindy Won
Chocho Caras Sky High
Corey Sniper
Cutie Kanai
Dark Star Chaos Chokeslam
Dynamite Rin
"The Blue Panther"
Elena Miyazawa
Heel Moonstomp
Foxy Maho
Freia Kagami

Berserk Tag Team/Factions

Stable Name Members Former Members Alignment Finishers
AKA Criminals of the Free World
Alice Smirnov
N/A Heel
Executive Council N/A
Juicy Pair Lucky Uchida
Mackey Ueto
Murakami Twins Chiaki Murakami
Chiharu Murakami
Neko Rangers Mai Nagasawa
Sonic Cat
Original Sin Sgt. Clements
Rowdy Reiko
Power & Glory Beauty Ichigaya
Jenna Megalight
Sanada-Yagyuu Connection Miyuki Sanada
Mifuyu Yagyuu
The Bash Sisters Mighty Yukiko
Bomber Kishima
N/A Face

Berserk Championships

Picture Title Names Current Champions Event Date Won Former Champions
BWQ World Championship Mighty Yukiko Berserk Revolution October 26, 2014 Elena Miyazawa
BWQ Universal Championship Moe Fukuoka Berserk Ep. 5 September 20, 2014 Thunder Ryuko
BWQ Tag Team Championship Neko Rangers
(Mai Nagasaawa & Sonic Cat)
Berserk Ep. 10 August 28, 2015 Criminals of the Free World
(Linda & Alice Smirnov)

Berserk Click-Per-Views/Specials

1) Berserk Revolution


Berserk Tournaments

1) BWQ Fighting Spirit Tournament

Berserk Partnership

Sports Entertainment Alternative

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Berserk Links

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