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Norman Prazley
Names Big MAC
Height 6'0
Weight 427 lbs
Born October 7, 1965
Birthplace West Newbury, Massachusetts
Resides West Newbury, Massachusetts
Billed from West Newbury, Massachusetts
Trained by Self Trained
Debut 2013

Big MAC is a 48 year old man who loves Mc Donalds. He even lost hes virginity to a Cheeseburger.

Early Life and Career

At the age of 15 Norman got a job at Mc Donalds as a frie-cook. He would keep hes job for a massive 30 years, making it his whole life. One afternoon he was eating hes 5th Big Mac in a row when he suffered a stroke. Normans heart had to be replased and o he was tested to see if a mechanical heart would work. The operation was sucsesfully completed and it was a whole year in hospital before getting out. During hes stay both of his parents died in a house fire. Norman went straight to the Mc Donalds were he used to work. and asked for hes job back. The manager denied him to work there for health and weight problems. When denied Norman went balistick brutally beating him and then breaking his neck by sitting on him. He ate the remains but was not sucsessful getting away, being caught by police 2 hours later.

With security footage he was arrested and sent to a hospital for the criminally insane. After 2 years of indured pain and shock therapy Norman fianlly got hes chance to escape when a guard turned his back on him Norman quickly jumped up and devoured him whole. Norman escaped killing another 15 guards and eating 12 of them. He made his way to Australia were he met CJ Wizard.

Cj seeing the power in him offered him a long-term contract in hes wrestling company Underground Fighting CAWS. The contract states that he cant eat anyone under UFC contract.

Underground Fighting CAWS

He is considered a dangerous man and therefore it's hard for CJ to find any real fighters who are stupid enough to cross him. 

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