Bonkers is a CAW wrestler currently working at the New-NAW Independent Training Facility. He made his debut against Mike Maximilian at ITF Danger Zone: Episode #11 in a losing effort. However, on the following episode of Showdown, he would defeat Brandon Shields in the opening contest. He would then go on to work with The Foreigner which lead to a team where The Foreigner would use a mime gimmick and would change his ring name officially to The Foreign Mime to match up with Bonkers clown gimmick. The weird gimmick was successful in shocking then champions Daniel Morgan and Incognito which led to both Bonkers and The Foreign Mime's first reign with the ITF Tag Team Championship. They would add another member to the stable, a beast of a man, known as Otis the Executioner and name their stable The Dark Carnival. They would successfully defend those titles at The ITF's second major show Quiet Riot.

Billing information
Ring Names Bonkers
Height 6'0
Weight 240 lbs
Born May 10th, 1994
Hometown Crest Hill, Illinois
Resides Crest Hill, Illinois
Billed From Crest Hill, Illinois
Wrestling information
Alignment Babyface
Trainer(s) Danny Jackpot
Styles Showman
Professional career
Debut June 7th, 2016
Retired {{{retired}}}

Finishers & Signature Moves

  • Clowning Around (Killswitch)
  • Wheelbarrow Stunner
  • STO
  • Implant DDT
  • 450 Splash

Championships & Accomplishments


Theme Song

Bonkers heel

Bonkers as part of The Dark Carnival and one half of the ITF Tag Team Champions alongside The Foreign Mime.

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