Brawlmania is Deep Impact Wrestling's flagship cpv. The event takes place at the end of the cpv schedule. There has been one Brawlmania which happened during the time skip.

Brawlmania I

# Results Stipulations

Brawlmania II

Brawlmania II was the second annual flagsship cpv of DIW and was the first Brawlmania to be aired on youtube, it was uploaded August 25th, 2009, a Tribute to James Thomas kicked off the show, the theme was "Seasons" by Veer

# Results Stipulations
1 Quick Silver (c) def. Danny Hardy Inferno Match for the DIW Silver Star Championship
2 Darren Matthews def. Haze, De Fight, Grand Master Bling, Shamus McCoy and Nathan Slash Money In The Bank Ladder Match
3 Reaper def. Shadow Vega No Holds Barred Match
4 The Luther Bros. def. Illution & Chris Rock (c) DIW Tag Team Championship
5 Suny def. Violet (c) DIW Divas Championship
6 Johnson def. Juvy (c) and SOS DIW YouTube Championship
7 Andre Rubio def. Stevi T 3 Stages of Hell
8 Ben Giganta (c) def. Ryan DIW X Division Championship
9 The Vampire def. Diablo --
10 Royta Mishino def. Maxelstein First Blood Match
11 The Exterminator (c) def. Stevie Francis DIW Championship


  • 1. Code Promo aired after match
  • 2: Lights went out during match, de fight, mccoy, slash and gmb dissappeared, bonaparde retrned and cost haze the match
  • 4: original opponents D-Mack and Matt were injured by Illution and Rock
  • 6: Tag Turmmoil and YT Madness was followed by a triple threat match between Johnson, SOS and the current YT Champion
  • 10: De Fight Distracted Maxelstein
  • 11: Daniel Brown and GMB attacked Stevie Francis during the Match

Brawlmania III

Brawlmania II is the Flagship CPV of DIW's Second YouTube Season, it was not aired on youtube but will be in the near future, but results werre given in a timeskip

# Results Stipulations
1. Lu Bu def. Justin Sparks, Robbie Lethal, Daniel Brown, Pier, and Johnny Fortune Money In The Bank Ladder Match
2. Dark Reign (c) def. Sean Low Jr. DIW Intercontinental Championship
3. Edward Slaughter def. Grand Master Bling --
4. Team FOW (Johnson and Royta Mishino) def. World Elite (SOS and Ben Hitman) (c) DIW Tag Team Championship
5. Nichole (c) def. Carmen Chan DIW Divas Championship
6. Haze def. Kevin Kash (c) and Reaper Triple Threat Match for the DIW Silver Star Championship
7. Silent Death (c) def. Ben Giganta and Masked Marauder Triple Threat for the DIW X Division Championship
8. D- Mack def. Shamus McCoy --
9. Shane 'Pyro' Low def. De Fight --
10. Andre Rubio def. Shadow Vega No Holds Barred
11. The Vampire def. Maxelstein --
12. Diablo def. Curtis Killings and Extreme Dan Ownership of DIW
13. Stevi T def. Illution (c) and Quick Silver Triple Threat for DIW World Championship
14. Darren Matthews (c) def. The Exterminator, Ryan, and Steven Viper Fourway Elimination Match for DIW Championship

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