Brennan Murphy
Names The Soaring Bird
Height 6,0
Weight 200 kg(441 lbs)
Born St. Louis Missouri
Birthplace St. Louis Missouri
Died Still alive
Still alive
Resides Orlando, Florida
Billed from St. Louis
Trained by TNE Powerplant, Jeff Winninger, CJ, David Erro Some Motherfucker
Debut 2013
Retired {{{retired}}}

Brennan is an American professional wrestler who is currently signed with DCO where he is set to appear as a jobber. He is also known as one of the most charismatic and technical wrestler, able to tap out and get pinned from countless positions.

Murphy made his first apperance in wrestling in OCCW. He made his DCO debut against Rhino in a webmatch, where he lost in exactly one minute and 9 seconds, getting in no offense on his opponent.


Murphy is Married to Sophia Murphy. They don't have as many children as Heath Slater.

He's also apparently 441 pounds, despite his skinny frame. He might be black Crash Holly.

Finishing Moves

  • Being pinned
  • Tapping out
  • Getting counted out
  • Being disqualified
  • Referee Stoppage

Signature moves

  • Getting beat up
  • Taking moves
  • Losing consciousness
  • Laying on the mat

Championships and accomplishments


  • OCCW Heavyweight championship (2 times; ficticious)
  • OCCW Tag Team championship (1 time) w/ Figment of his imagination

Theme Music:

  • None (Jobbers aren't allowed to have entrances.)

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