Brian Jankon

Brian Lighting
Names Brian Lighting
Big B
Height 6'5"
Weight 245 lbs.
Born October 11, 1973 age(34)
Birthplace Buffalo,NY
Resides Boston, Massachusetts
Billed from Las Vegas, Nevada
Trained by Self-Trained
Debut 1992 In Extreme No Rules Wrestling

Early Beginnings

Brian Is A Buffalo Boy He Loves Hockey And Football. At The Age Of Eleven He Broke His Arm Of Wrestling. After It Healed He Then Became Obsessed With Wrestling. Knowing It Was Fake He Made It Real. At The Age Of Sixteen He Received A Scholarship To Boston College. He Took It And Wrestled In Grapple Wrestling.

Extreme No Rules Wrestling

After College He Went Back To Buffalo,NY To Train Himself When Boston College Called A Local Wrestling Company That Would Make Decent Money. It Was In Worcester, Massachusetts. It Was Called Extreme No Rules Wrestling. He Would Later Meet Up With A 22-Year-Old Named Chad Knight. He Would Eventually Start A Feud With Him Over A Girl That Was Brian's Girlfriend Danielle Lineen. Lineen Would Soon To Become Mrs. Jankon In 2002.

The Brawling Wrestling Federation

In His Last Year In Extreme No Rules Wrestling. He Had A New Contract From His Cousin Little Psycho (Cody Jankon). The Brawling Wrestling Federation's Little Psycho Would Then Bring In Brian. Brian Would Go Under The Name Big B. Little Psycho And Big B Started The Faction Called Electric Psychos

Personal Life

He Has A Wife (Danielle Lineen) And Has Three Kids (Benjamin, Daniel, And Kelly Jankon)

He Has A Wrestling Family

Chucky Boy - His Father

Matt Makeston - Uncle

Mark Makeston - Cousin

Little Psycho - Cousin

Brian Lighting - Himself

Benjamin Jankon - His Son (In Training)


Brian Lighting Theme - Oleander "Are You There" Big B Theme - Gob - Underground

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