Brittany Marie Swansen -(aka) Better know by her in-ring name The Prinzess Brittany Swansen. She started her career in GAWA in 2009, but did not get fully into the business until jan. 31 2010.

Brittany Marie Swansen
Brittany swansen
Names The Prinzess, Prinzess Brittany
Height 5ft 6in
Weight 131
Born 5-25-1988 Age: 28
Birthplace Westbrooke, Maine
Died {{{death_date}}}
Resides Birmingham, Alabama
Billed from Westbrooke, Maine
Trained by Amber & Julia Jenkins, and Pheonix Anderson...
Debut 11-14-2009
Retired N/A

Brittany in 7 short years has won 9 total GAWA Dynamite Titles... She is a great in-ring performer with limitless charisma, she is also a high flyer, and a 3rd generation female wrestler. Brittney is widely known as the very best of the female wrestlers in GAWA. Her matches can compete against her male counterparts hands down every time. Brittney has a younger sister Lexi Swansen, who came into fame in GWWA and now competes in GAWA. Also Brittney is a trainer training Pheonix Anderson's daughter Jordan Anderson, and Kim Russo.

  • 9 Wresltegeddon championship appearances, and was GAWA female wrestler of the year in 2011& 2014-15, as well as GAWA rookie Female Wrestler of the year 2010.
  • Title Wins 6 Def. Tiffany Raiyner 2011 @ Wrestlegeddon, Def. Julia Jenkins on GAWA Ignighted, Def. Jessica Garrett, Def. Leanna Lawson @ Wrestlegeddon 24 in 2012, def. Alexis Johansen, & Def. Tiffany Raiyner for her 6th championship....
  • Finishers:
  1. The Generations-kick: A straight jumping kick to the head
  2. The Prinzess kick (Her main finisher) she fips over your back and shoulders and spins you around and kicks your head OFF...!!!
  • Signatures:
  1. Split legged leg drop: Brittany bends her foe backward and legs drops them across the neck
  2. Jumping face buster
  3. turn buckle straight-kick
  4. Spring-board DDT
  • Brittany at this Date & time is the former women's champion. Brittany defended her GAWA women's title by def: Holly Duke who was in her 1st championship match since her debut in march, now brittany looks to defend her title @ GAWA's biggest ppv Wrestle-geddon, the 25th installment....
  • Brittany is married to GAWA superstar Bobby Blaze, the couple have 1 daughter Haley Isaballe Swansen...

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