Brock Chambers
Names Brodie C
Height 7"3
Weight 32423432lbs
Born July 6 2005
Birthplace McDonalds, Georgia
Died {{{death_date}}}
Resides Kickapoo, Arizonia
Billed from Kickapoo, Arizonia
Trained by Rob Feinstein
Debut 2006
Retired {{{retired}}}
Brock Chambers is the white brother of drug user Dwain Chambers. Brock is the lesser talent of the two, but is however clean of steroids. He part times as a wrestler along with his other job as a Gym Leader in Pewter City.


One day on a internet chat room, he was talking about pro wrestling. He would then come across former ROH owner Rob Feinstein , who offered the young Chambers training. After 24 grueling months in the Rob Feinstein Family Dungeon, he was finally ready to make his debut in WTWE.


Brock would Mary-Sue his way to the World Title. It can't be coincidence that the owner's caw's brother is the World Champion now.

Forced Retirement

Unfortunately, the FBI would discover what sick actions his trainer had done to him under guise of "lol, i'll pretend you said 18". Brock was forced to retire from CAW, and live under a different name in Kickapoo, Arizonia. His brother, Dwain, was offered custody of the boy, but was too busy injecting steroids through his ass to take notice.


  • WTWE World Heavyweight Championship (x1)
  • Rob Feinstein's Prized Student.

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