Created 1999 during the No Mercy on N64 era. BCW was formed by a group to showcase their characters to determine supremacy of competition. After that BCW wanted to reach out to the world of source of entertainment. Ultilzing YouTube and other social media oulets, BCW strives to reach out to display CAW entertainment for many years.


Bronx Championship Wrestling was born and raised in the Bronx, New York. When BCW reached it peak, the competition was intense because everyone wanted to on top of the competition and to become BCW Champion. The politics of the bookings of the matches were corrupted due to favortism of certain CAWS (BCW Superstars).

Board members of BCW exhausted their power and abandon the CAW league for good. One man kept BCW from going under. Santini, a former BCW Superstar did everything in his power to BCW running. Santini was a midcarder that was nearly on the rise. He won the BCW US titles numerous times and challenged his then opposition Frosty V to a Career ending match. This match was named BCW's Match of the Year of 1999. Santini vs Frosty V, loser of the match was to leave BCW. Santini lost the match and had to depart from BCW. 

During the rise of XBOX and PlayStation 2 was on the rise, BCW reformatted in the RAW video game. Santini bought the company of BCW and declared a full time BCW superstar. He envisioned BCW was for enterntainment and to be shown around the world. Santini dug into his roots of the Bronx and recruited Marble Hill Brawler. A mid level CAW was on the road to superstar status.

BX Finest

Marble Hill Brawler formed a group called BX Finest. Brawler recruited CAWS specially from all parts of the Bronx. This formed during SVR series on XBOX 360. Most of these CAWS by now are established here in BCW.

  • Throgs Neck Strangler
  • Riverdale Ripper
  • Baychester Butcher
  • Parkchester Pimp
  • Soundview Sicko
  • Pelham Bay Preacher
  • Kingsbridge Killer
  • Westchester Warrior
  • Bedford Park Bitch
  • Hunts Point Hooker
  • Castle Hill Crippler
  • Fordham Fighter
  • GunHill Gangsta
  • plus more

Shows on Youtube

Here is the BCW show Lineup 

  • BCW Superstars
  • BCW HI-Tension
  • BCW ladie's Night 
  • BCW Challenge

Here is the BCW PPV show Line up

  • Ultimate Rumble
  • Valentine Day Massacre
  • Backslap!
  • Triumph
  • Empire City
  • King of the Ring
  • Amerikan Smash
  • Hot Mess
  • Queen of the Ring
  • Devil's Night
  • Surivive, if I let you 
  • Season's Beatings

Social Media

BCW always attempt to keep up with Social Media

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