Bryan Coger
Lil fly
Names Bryan Coger
Lil Fly
Height 6"5
Weight 260lbs
Birthplace Reseda, Los Angeles
Resides Reseda, Los Angeles
Billed from Reseda, Los Angeles
Trained by Al Greene
Debut 2010
Bryan Coger is a CAW wrestler. Davis signed with World CAW Wrestling (WCW) in September while WCW was an efed.

World CAW Wrestling

Lil Fly made his debut on the Main Event in September against Cody Rhodes and won. In January, he challenged MVP for the United States Title and won. After WCW came back from hiatus, Lil Fly was set to face the Demon at Slamboree. He hit the Ghetto Blaster and defeated The Demon. But the next night, The Demon attacked Lil Fly and punished him for winning the match. Lil Fly suffered minor degree burns in the rib area. Lil Fly successfully defended his title and got his revenge over The Demon when he set The Demon on fire and retained the U. S. Title at Spring Stampede. On the episode of the Main Event, following Spring Stampede, TBD challenged Lil Fly for the United States Title at One Night Stand. The next episode, however, Lil Fly was found unconscious after The Big Show knocked him out cold. Lil Fly would recover and attack The Big Show the following episode. And at One Night Stand, Lil Fly successfully defended his title, beating TBD after hitting the Ghetto Blaster. After seeing his older brother, Tikwan Coger, get attacked by Sultan Shetty, Lil Fly challenged Sultan Shetty and he put the U. S. Title on the line. But Lemarcus Carter attacked Lil Fly backstage in the locker room. That attack costed Lil Fly the U. S. Title as he tapped out to the Sultan's Channai Choke. At The Great American Bash, Lil Fly saw Tikwan Coger get hit by an automobile. After Louis Payne admitted that he did it, Lil Fly came out and challenge him for The Cival War. Then on DCWL, Louis Payne upped the ante and put the DCWL Extreme Title on the line if Lil Fly puts his gimmick of being from the streets on the line. Lil Fly successfully defeated Louis Payne with the Ghetto Blaster, and won the DCWL Extreme Title, becoming the second WCW superstar to take another fed's title.

After a while Bryan's career in WCW would become stagnate, but his brother career was taking off. Bryan would become jealous, and would attack his brother, and start to go by his real name, Bryan Coger. Bryan would fued with Tikwan, eventually defeated by him. He would soon be released afterwards.

On the revived Thunder brand, Coger was signed once more back to WCW.

Career Accomplishments

World CAW Wrestling (WCW)

WCW United States Champion (1 time)

WCW TV Champion (1 time) (current)

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