Bryan Scar
Bryan Scar 2014
Names Bryan Scar
Height 6'3
Weight 250lbs
Born 3rd December 1985 (Age 28)
Birthplace Carson City, Nevada
Died {{{death_date}}}
Resides Carson City, Nevada
Billed from Carson City, Nevada
Trained by
Debut 7th November 2010
Retired {{{retired}}}

Byan Scar is a professional CAW superstar currently wrestling for MCW.

MCW (2010-present)

The Faction (2010)

After a few months of wrestling Dark matches, Bryan Scar made his CPV
Bryan Scar

Bryan Scar in 2011

Debut at Bonfire Brawl where he was revealed as the 3rd member of the Faction to take on Derek in a 3 on 1 gauntlet match set up by Thomas Law. Scar won the match showing off his finisher for the first time. Scar however betrayed Adrian J just before their tag match with Jack Lessar and Zak Leal at New Year Skirmish thus turning Scar face. Leaving Adrian J to take on Lessar and Leal on his own and lost.

Split from The Faction, teaming and feuding with Slash (2011)

Adrian J returned in Mid-January of 2011 viciously attacking Bryan Scar which forced the 2 to have a match at The Rumble 2011 which Adrian J won. Scar entered the 2011 Rumble Match at #11 and was eliminated by Chris Grangefield. Scar was chosen as the tag team partner of Slash for a match against The New Faction at MCW Thrive to Survive 2011. But the team was defeated. Scar & Slash fought at MCW Night of Legends 2011 in the first MCW Tag Team Turmoil. Scar & Slash were up third against then Tag Team Champions Jase Lennon & Redline, who they defeated but were beaten by the last team in the match The New Faction. Scar then started a feud with Slash from then, blaming slash for the teams loss at Night of Legends, turning him into a tweener, this formed into a match between the two at MCW Date With Fate 2011 which Scar won. They then fought again at MCW Immortal where the loser must leave MCW. Slash lost and left the company.

Face Turn and Injury (2014-present)

at MCW Revival, Scar answered the open challenge by C2Z but was defeated after suffering 3 Mexicawhinders and a huge Full Nelson Slam. After the match, C2Z attacked a wounded Scar, causing him to be carried out on a stretcher. It was revealed that Scar had broken 2 bones in his Thoracic Vertebrae and will be out of action for a number of months.

In Wrestling

  • Finisher moves


  • Signature Moves

Inverted Backbreaker

Championships and Accomplishments


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