Bryce Kanyon
Names Bryce Kanyon
The Wrestlemaniac
The Textmaster
The Man with the Plan
the Big Dog
the Keyboard Warrior
the Master of the Walls of Text
the Masked Marvel
the Ultimate Opportunist
the Master Manipulator
the Lone Legend
the Chosen One
the Southpaw from San Juan
the Asian Sensation
the Game
the King of Kings
the Cerebral Assassin
the American Blueblood
the Champion of Champions
Dr. Awesome
Captain Coolness
the Master of Swing
the Lord of the Dance
the Kick Ass Kid
the Wooly Bully
Poppa Pain
the Chomper
the Stomper
the Fantastic Force
Crazy Uncle Bryce
the Kanyonanator
the Aqua Netter
Muscles McKenzie
the Wild Knight
Admiral Anger
Boo Boo Kitty-Fuck
Bam Bam the Ram Man
Filo Dough
Big Jim Slade
Mr. Terrific
the limosuine drivin', jet flyin', kiss stealin', wheelin' dealing son of a gun
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Born  ??/??/??
Birthplace Washington, Texas
Died N/A
Resides SCAW Forum
Billed from SCAW Forum
Trained by Lonestarr022
Ichigo Kurosaki
Homer Simpson
Chris Kanyon
Debut 2009
Retired N/A

Bryce Kanyon (Real Name: Bryce Lucas) is a CAW superstar hired to DCO, where he is a former DCO World Heavyweight Champion.

Personal Life

Bryce Kanyon considers himself to be a critic and a scriptwriter. In reality, he is a self-acknowledging underling of the evil Lonestarr022, a fat weeaboo who runs SCAW: Superstars of CAW.

Bryce spends his time on the SCAW Forum, giving advice to his peers and even his superiors, as well as damning homosexuals and trolls to the fiery depths of hell itself. Bryce, however, is secretly gay himself, and has had one night stands with several other wrestlers including Eddie Domainian, who he has allegedly received fellatio from. He trains dogs in his spare times and his favourite show is the office. He is part Japanese and Part German. He named himself after the Bryce Canyon in Utah.


In the ring, Bryce is like a chessmaster, always thinking one or two steps ahead of his opponent. He is very technically sound and is the creator of the most lethal submission hold in all of wrestling, the Walls of Text.

He would compete at CAWllision IV against Legs Strokeworthy with the honor of SCAW on the line in a Figure Four Sides of Steel match, in his normal form. He would lose this match.

Bryce's 'Final Form'


The demonic final form of Bryce Kanyon.

Unknown to most people is Bryce's final form. Unlike his current form he has wings and has the capability of doing more high risk moves, thus adding them to his arsenal. Although it is unknown when he enters his final form but some say it is caused when he gets angry which is normally caused by other CAW wrestlers denying him sex or calling him gay.

In Wrestling

Finishers & Signatures


  • Walls of Text (Elevated Boston crab sometimes with a knee to the opponent's back or neck)
  • Kanyon Crusher (Top-Rope Moonsault into a Muscle Buster)
  • Flatliner (Leg hook lifting reverse STO)

Championships and Accomplishments


Its All About Me- Chelsea Staub (Current DCO Theme)

Fabulous- Chelsea Staub (Current DCO Theme, used interchangeably with the above)

Sweet Dreams-Eurythmics (Former DCO Theme and CAWllision Theme)

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