CCW Logo

CAS Championship Wrestling

CAS Championship Wrestling
Acronym CCW
Established 2009
Based Unknown

May 9, 2009- May 9, 2010

July 2, 2010- Present

Style Original CAWs
Owner Tony Macklin

Logo made by forum member Xtopher for their 1 Year Anniversary show in May 2010.

thumb|300px|right CAS Championship Wrestling is a CAW wrestling promotion which debuted on May 9th, 2009 on YouTube. The company was created by Tony Macklin, who also provides commentary for the matches. CCW was also scheduled to debut on Dailymotion, but backed out of the idea a few minutes before appearing on YouTube. As of Saturday April 24, CCW has ceased production. The last CCW event will Judgement day, which will air Sunday, May 9, 2009 with a slight possibility of a return. As of May 25, 2010 it was announced that CCW will make a full return on July 2, 2010.

Appearance on Dailymotion

After originally scrapping the idea, CCW decided to show their Saturday Night program on Dailymotion on May 14th, 2009. It was announced that starting Saturday, May 16th, 2009, CCW will be uploaded every week on Dailymotion after appearing on YouTube. Although CCW intended to appear on Dailymotion right after YouTube, upload problems on the morning of May 16th caused CCW to cancel their future appearances on the site, leaving the show to only appear on YouTube from then on.

CCW Championships:

World Heavyweight Championship - Mark Brandle (3/21/10-Present)

United States Championship -Vacant (3/21/10-present)

World Tag Team Championship - Evan Gorde & Devin Dansby (3/21/10-Present)

Extreme Championship - Brian West

Cruiserweight Championship - Robert Jones


CCW Saturday Night - 5/9/09 to 12/5/09

CCW Raw - 12/28/09 to Present


Judgment Day

One Night Stand

The Great American Bash


Cyber Sunday

No Mercy

Survivor Series



Current Superstars:

Adam Saville

A.J. Taylor

Antonio Babylon

Brian West

Creg Diamond



Devin Dansby

Devin Harris

Erik Stanton

Evan Gorde

Flash Martin

Jason Wright

Keith Curtis

Kenmore Cardelle

Kevin Cavieziel

Kung-Fu Kid

Mark Brandle

Mike Brandle


Robert Jones

Roger Mass

T.J. Ford

Tyler Rock

Zach Osgood

Current Vixens:

Heather Reigns

Madison Hall (Women's Champion)


Crystal Clear

Stephanie Dabble (interviewer)

Other on-air talent

Horashio (Interviewer) 2009-2009

Stephanie Dabble (Interviewer) 2010-Present

Tony Macklin (CCW Owner/Founder/On-Screen commentator)

Paul Simon (On-Screen General Manager)

Lilian Garcia (announcer)

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