CAWIllision 1 was the first of what would become 7 CAWIllision CPV's and the only one held by SMF.

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Promotion Multi Event
Date Dec 4, 2008
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City Multiple
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# Results Stipulation
1(SNJ) Kal El def Green Arrow Singles Match
2(WCF) Suicidal Steve def Randy Orton Singles Match
3(WEDF) Big Show def Big Daddy V Singles Match
4(RCW) Wu- Tang Clan def Corporation 6 Man Tag
5(AWE) Vega def Spawn, Shao Kahn, Beowulf Final Destination Match for AWE World Title
6(SMF) Green Ranger def Ronald McDonald Singles Match
7(UWO) Tommy Vercetti def Black Ranger Singles Match
8(CWA) X-Treme def Tommy Wayne Singles Match
9(FWZ) SilverLight def Smokey's Dealer Singles Match
10(CCF) Tyrone Biggums def Soulja Boy Ladder Match
11. Main Event(SCAW vs DWA) Spiderman def Al Capone TLC Match