CAW Destruction Derby is a multi-league event first established in 2009 by Undamaged Threat just to try doing something different for himself. Like CAW World War & CAW Destiny, CAWDD also has a "Open Door" policy, meaning ANY league may submit a match. So far theres been two Destruction Derby events.

Dates & Venues

Date Held Location City
CAW Destruction Derby 2009 March 16 2009 MGM Grand Garden Arena Las Vegas, Nevada
CAW Destruction Derby 2010 May 22, 2010 Braehead Arena Glasgow, Scotland
CAW Destruction Derby 2011 Unknown Cairo Stadium Indoor Halls Complex Cairo, Egypt

CAW Destruction Derby 2009

The work to put together the first CAWDD was done almost entirely by UT. The first CAWDD involved EAR, UWO, RFW, RFW's 2nd brand, HSW, DMW: Fantasy & Original, XWD, BSP, TNE, PAWL and NWC. It was split up into three parts which were all posted at the same time. CAWDD was posted on CAW Underground on March 16, 2009.

CAW Destruction Derby 2009
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Promotion Multi-League
Date March 16, 2009
Venue MGM Grand Garden Arena
City Las Vegas, Nevada
Theme Song "Highway to Hell by ACDC"
Last Event N/A
Next Event CAW Destruction Derby 2010


Part 1 commentary: duel

# Results Stipulations League
1 Luke Skywalker def Deadpool Singles Match UWO
2 Kano def Hanzo Singles Match EAR
3 Dark Link def Cody Singles Match RFW's 2nd Brand
Part 1 Main Beastro© def Gyle to retain 2 out of 3 falls Match for the PWH World Championship BSP

Part 2 commentary: L.T

# Results Stipulations League
1 Tails def Pikachu, Espio & Lucario TLC match for the TNE European Championship TNE
2 Alphonse Elric© def Fayt Leingod[1] Falls Count Anywhere Match for the PAWL Manga Championship PAWL
3 Lestat def Alex Nicmeri Three Stages of Hell match NWC
Part 2 Main Ronald McDonald def Aladdin©[2] Singles Match for the RFW World Championship RFW

Part 3 commentary: Undamaged Threat

# Results Stipulations League
1 James Dark def "Nightmare" Jimmy Nicmeri & Shadowstarr Triple Threat Ladder Match for the vacant DMW World Championship DMW: Original
2 Optimus Prime© def Brock Lesnar Singles Match for the DMW Championship DMW: Fantasy
3 HSW's Skull Champion Wario def HIW's National Champion Vincent Valentine Cage Match HSW vs. HIW
Part 3 Main "The King of the Monsters" Godzilla def "The Legendary Super Saiyan" Broly©[3] Singles Match for the XWD Heavyweight Championship DMW vs. XWD


1 ^ Koga interfeared in the match
2 ^ Ronald forfit the title after the match as he likes hurting people more then win a object.
3 ^ This was the last XWD Heavyweight Championship match

Favorite Quotes

duel: "Only gets a two" (After Gyle released the Sharpshooter)
UT: "WHO DOES THAT!?!?" (After Wario "Threw up" on Vincent Valentine)

CAW Destruction Derby 2010

CAW Destruction Derby 2010 (or CAW Destruction Derby II/CAWDDII) was the 2nd CAWDD event made by Undamaged Threat. RFW's 2nd brand, HSW, DMW: Fantasy & Original, BSP & PAWL make there 2nd appearance on CAWDD while PWH, CCL, FSCW, RCWF, CPW, SEA, DAW & REAL NGW make there 1st appearance. It was split up into four parts due to amount of matches on the card. CAWDDII was posted on CAW Underground on May 22, 2010.

CAW Destruction Derby 2010
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Promotion Multi-League
Date May 22, 2010
Venue Braehead Arena
City Glasgow, Scotland
Theme Song "Scotland the Brave (rock version)"
Last Event CAW Destruction Derby 2009
Next Event CAW Destruction Derby 2011


Pre-Show commentary: Nobody

# Results Stipulations League
Pre "The King of the Monsters" Godzilla© def Sephiroth Hell in a Cell Match for the NGW World Heavyweight Championship REAL NGW
Pre The Xenomorph def "Betty" Master Pain Singles Match for the vacant AWF World Championship[4] DMW: Fantasy

Part 1 commentary: Kyle_Snyder

# Results Stipulations League
1 Bayonetta def "The Cursed Wizard" Saji Genpou Cage Match SEA
2 Seto Kaiba vs. Sora© (No contest)[5] Ladder Match for the PAWL World Championship PAWL
Part 1 Main Rock Hardy © def Akito Tenkawa, Sokka & "The Drug" Duncan Smith Trip To Oblivion Match for the RCWF Hyper Dimension Championship RCWF

Part 2 commentary: Normen Rhodes (Normster)

# Results Stipulations League
1 Batman def Superman One on one Elimination Chamber match DAW
2 Armageddon def CJ Wizard Singles Match CCL
Part 1 Main Storm Peters def Axel Stone[6] Singles Match FSCW

Part 3 commentary: L.T

# Results Stipulations League
1 Dark Link def The Prince of Persia & RFW Super Mega Awesome Champion Kazuya Mishima[7] Triple Threat match for the RFW Developmental Championship RFW's 2nd Brand
2 Big "Bad" Sky def Brian James "Clash of the Titanimals!!" Extreme Rules Match CPW
Part 2 Main Strongbad© vs. AKi-Man (no contest)[8][9] Singles Match for the HSW World Championship HSW

Part 4 commentary: Chris Byrnes (Joey Law)[10]

# Results Stipulations League
1 Big J def James Darklight Singles Match for the PWH Rising Phoenix Championship PWH
2 Shadowstarr© vs. Black/White (Time limit draw)[11] Singles Match for the PWH World Championship DMW: Original
Part 3 Main Viper© def Big Sky, duel, JT Star & Zero Cluster Fuck match for the BSP Undisputed Championship BSP


1 ^ The Xenomorph replaced Captain Hero who couldn't make it due to the volcano in iceland.
2 ^ Kenshin cashed in his golden contract during the match to become the new champion.
3 ^ This was meant to be a Fight Without Honor match before it was changed at the last moment.
4 ^ The Prince & Dark Link formed an alliance when The Prince & Dark Link double teamed Kazuya almost throughout the match & The Prince let Dark Link get the pinfall.
5 ^ AKI Man won a Paper, Rock, Scissors contest against Rugal Bernstein before the match to face Strong.
6 ^ Sweet Tooth came out during the match and attacked both Strongbad & AKI Man.
7 ^ UT was meant to commentate the last part but due to having no time to commentate & being infamous of being lazy, UT asked Chris Byrnes (Joey Law) to take his place.
8 ^ This would be the last time the PWH World title be defended in DMW.

CAW Destruction Derby 2011

CAW Destruction Derby 2011 (or CAW Destruction Derby III/CAWDDIII) will be the 3rd upcoming CAWDD event made by Undamaged Threat.

CAW Destruction Derby 2011
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Promotion Multi-League
Date 2011
Venue Cairo Stadium Indoor Halls Complex
City Cairo, Egypt
Theme Song Unknown
Last Event CAW Destruction Derby 2010
Next Event