CAW Domination (sometimes shortened to Domination) is a successful multi-league event. There has been one CAW Domination so far. The idea was started by The Lord of Awesome.

CAW Domination

CAW Domination was thought up out of the blue in September/October 2007. It's original intention was to show off new leagues that weren't being noticed. The original name of Domination was going to be Indy Domination, but with NoDQ CAW and SLAM n JAM/DWA ending, the name was changed to CAW Domination.

Before CAW Domination, there had been many multi-league events in CAW before this. The most well-known are the highly successful CoH and CAW World War. The most recent being CAW Night of Glory.

The show featured XGWL, ASW, ACW Anesthesia, SCAW, OTT, OTE, DRW, HSW, HIW, and UWO. The show lasted about two hours. CAW Domination was posted on the NoDQ Forums sometime in mid November. It was posted on the World-Wrestling/Brutesports venue a few days later. The theme was "Hells Bells" by AC/DC.

CAW Domination Results

  • XGWL
  • Big Business def. Team 619 and Ca$h Money Inc. via pinfall.
  • ASW
  • The Blue Meanie def. Dog the Bounty Hunter via pinfall.
    • This was The Blue Meanie's ASW debut
    • After the match, James "Lionheart" Florence attacked Dog and gave Dog a piledriver through a table.
  • ACW Anesthesia
  • Akuma def. Rugal Bernstein via pinfall.
  • SCAW
  • Spiderman def. Inuyasha via pinfall.
  • OTT vs. OTE
  • Team OTT (Captain Adam Angeleto, The Angry Video Game Nerd, and Michael Myers) def. Team OTE (Captain Dog the Bounty Hunter, Dr. Evil, and Dante)via pinafall.
    • During the match, Dante speared Dog, causing his team to lose. It was explained later in OTE shows to be a accident so that Dante could maintain his face character.
  • DRW:Cage Match
  • Randy Orton def. Michael Price and "The Gamble" Zach Parker via escape.
    • Michael Price was injured during a bump. He was german suplexed off the top of the cage and back into the ring. He landed on his head.
  • HSW
  • "The Godfather" Don Vito Corleone def. Liu Kang via submission.
    • After the match, Liu Kang paid his respects to Don Vito Corleone, as told by the commentator, the Semi-Spawn of Chuck Norris, "Earning Liu Kang's respect is harder than winning the HSW title!"
  • HIW:Barb Wire Deathmatch
  • Hayabusa def. Karnage via pinfall.
    • Was called the worst match of the night. Was probably due to the large number of repeated sidewalk slams and 450's.
  • UWO
  • Tommy Vercetti def. Eminem via pinfall


The event was a success. All feedback was positive and there was a noticeable increase of the HSW, SCAW, and OTT/OTE fanbases.