CAW Entertainment Wrestling
Acronym CEW
Owner(s) SMF Swagger
Formerly N/A

CEW's Owner Swagger as in CAW form

Swagger decided on a new venture after AOW Episode 2. He made a new promotion called CEW to combine the roster from both WHW and AOW. This Caw League specifically uses a modded version of No Mercy. Matches instead of commentary are played with music in the background and also only the highlights are shown so that it remains interesting to anybody watching.


Name Finisher Name Notes
Albino Penguin
Alex Pain
Carl Brooks
Cowlex Cowplex
Danny Jackpot
Jamie Night
Jason Hawkins CEW World Heavyweight Champion
Winner of Fatal Agression Tournament
Johnny Chung
Larry Chung
Oshujax Modified Death Magnetic I
Shawn King
The Suspect Suspect Shuffle CEW Light Heavyweight Champion
Tommy Graveman

Released Superstars

  • Moe Faka
  • Kenn Johnson
  • Max Fresnar
  • Zach Connor
  • Adam McBride
  • Kristian Cruise
  • Eric Chasen
  • Sam Steinbach

Episode Guide


CEW Extreme
  • Cowlex defeated Kenn Johnson,
  • Eric Chasen defeated Johnny Chung
  • Larry Chung vs Zach Conner
  • Grudge Match:Oshujax defeated Suspect
  • Max Fresnar defeated Tommy Gravemen

Fatal Aggression

Fatal Agression

First Round

  • Mister E-X defeated Oshujax
  • Zach Conner defeated Max Fresnar
  • Cowlex defeated Eric Chasen
  • Danny Jackpot defeated Moe Faka
  • Tommy Graveman defeated Larry Chung
  • RJ defeated Suspect
  • Johnny Chung defeated Kenn Johnson

Second Round

  • Mister E-X defeated Cowlex
  • Tommy Graveman defeated Zack Conner and Danny Jackpot
  • Johnny Chung defeated RJ


  • CEW World Heavyweight Title Match: Mister E-X defeated Tommy Graveman and Johnny Chung

Supremacy Battle

Supremacy Battle
  • Moe Faka vs Larry Chung
  • CEW Light Heavyweight Championship Match:Suspect defeated RJ and Oshujax
  • Zach Conner vs Max Fresnar vs Kenn Johnson
  • Number One Contenders Match for CEW World Title:Tommy Gravemen defeated Cowlex
  • CEW World Heavyweight Title Match:Mister E-X© defeated Johnny Chung

Condition Red

Condition Red
  • Carl Brooks defeated Matty Farm
  • Johnny Chung defeated Eric Chasen
  • Tommy Gravemen defeated Swagger
  • CEW Light Heavyweight Title Match:Suspect defeated Larry Chung
  • Light Tubes Death match:Jamie Night defeated Shawn King
  • CEW World Heavyweight Title match:Mister E-X defeated Oshujax

First Impulse

  • RJ defeated Daisuke Tanihawara
  • Mr. Wrestling IV defeated Johnny Chung and Swagger
  • Alex Pain defeated Tommy Gravemen
  • Kristian Cruise defeated Eric Chasen
  • Albinopenguin defeated Adam McBride
  • Jamie Night defeated Larry Chung
  • CEW World Heavyweight Title Match: Mister E-X© defeated Carl Brooks

Grudge's Grievences

  • Danny Jackpot defeated Larry Chung
  • Cowlex w/Suspect vs Swagger
  • RJ defeated Daisuke Tanihawara
  • Matty Farm defeated Carl Brooks
  • CEW World Heavyweight Title Match: Jason Hawkinz and Jamie Night ended up in a draw due to both men were not able to get up with the referee's 10 count.

CEW Champions

CEW World Heavweight Champion

Wrestler: Times Date Won Days Held Defeated
Rodney Dillard 1 August 16, 2009 150 Johnny Chung, Tommy Graveman,

CEW Light Heavweight Champion

Suspect LHC

Suspect the current CEW Light Heavyweight Champion

Wrestler: Times Date Won Days Held Defeated
Suspect 1 September 6, 2009 155+ Oshujax, RJ, Larry Chung

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