CAW Renaissance

CAW Renaissance is a multi-league event established in 2012 by Veg-o-man. Just like CAW Destiny, this event has the "Open Door" policy, meaning ANY league may submit a match. It is created by CAW Nation member Veg-o-man to promote the CAW Nation forums. It aired on July 24, 2012 on YouTube and CAW Nation.

The Card:

Part 1: Commentary Veg

EAR Alternate Reality Championship Table Match The Mask (c) vs. Kano

URI Unsanctioned NoDQ Match: Kryce vs. ???

EWE Ghost Rider vs. Baron Mordo

Part 2: Commentary Sherman

WHU Golden Chase Qualifying Wrecker vs. Suicide

FvH Tag Team Match CSI vs. Double Dragon

ACW Spade Title: Ravenous(c) vs. Guy

Part 3: Commentary: Baltimorevibe

HSW Hardcore match "The Crow" Brandon Lee vs. Chuck Norris

IAW & CPW JT Starr vs. Arcan

ECOW Light Heavyweight Championship Sin Cara Vs AJ Styles

Part 4: Commentary Jmfactor

SEA Grudge Match Diana Diamond vs The Kid

DMW DMW: Fantasy Tag Team match ????? vs. ?????

CAW-D Single Match - NoDQ Aquaman vs. The Phoenix

Part 5 Commentary: Flamez

CCL World Heavyweight Championship Aaron Alexander or XtremeTony vs. Matt Phoenix (Depends on the Outcome of CCL Futureshock 3)

TCAW World Heavyweight Championship Wardog" Chuck Morgan(c) vs. Gregory Black

VWF VWF Championship Ami Mizuno vs. Aerith Gainsbrough

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