CAW Wrestling Collided Against Each other on April 23rd War Commences


DWA's Bison & Zangief Defeat BMW's Ken & Ryu

NGW's Sakura Haruno Defeat 3SW's Marge Simpson

Team BMCAW (Batman, Mr Clean, Johnny Cage) Defeat Team DWF (Harry Potter, Ron Weasley, Link)

NGW's Brock Lesnar Defeat AHW's Ed Edd Eddy

ASW's Rob Van Dam Defeat NoDQ CAW's Bruce Lee

No DQ CAW's Mario Defeat BMW's Wario

BMCAW's Sagat Defeats ICCW's Shrek

DCW's Bart Simpson Defeats ICCW's Tyrone Biggums, BLW's Undertaker, Slam N Jam's Popeye, XNW's Shawn Michaels & EWE's Freddy Kruegar In a 6-CAW Elimination Chamber

Facts After The BMCAW/DWF Tag Match, SCAW's Gladiator Attacked Batman,Mr Clean & Johnny Cage

AWD Commentator BeRocks 2.0 Was Supposed To Commentate CAW WAR But Was Heeling From His Injury He Suffered At AWD Brawl 20

CAW WAR 2008 Will Take Place American Airlines Arena Miami, Florida On August 27th 2008

Part 1: Commentated By BeRocks 2.0

UCWL Tag Team Championship Turmoil Bulk & Skull (c) Vs Bill & Ted Vs Danix & Guile Vs Daniel & Mike Tyson

AWD Hardcore Championship Ladder Match Scott Ryder (c) Vs Goku

DCW Vs UCWA Bart Simpson Vs The Giant

Part 2: Commentated By Shirminator

UWF Tag Team Championship Scorpion & Reptile (c) Vs Mario & Luigi

PPFW Miami Street Fight Guile Vs Dark Ryu

DWL Championship Rocky Balboa (c) Vs Captain America If The NWO Interferes,They Will be Fired

Part 3: Commentated By ZackRulz

EWE Championship Hell In A Cell Freddy Kruegar (c) Vs Predator

FSW Vega Vs Jak

AWD Tag Team Championship Ladder Match

Dan Hibiki & Ken Masters (c) Vs Sly & Gobbo

Final Part: Commentated By Danix

AWD Championship Fatal 4-Way Aang (c) Vs James Bond Vs Vageta Vs Mr Clean

UCWL Chamionship Iestyn (c) Vs BeRocks 2.0

HWF Championship 30 man Ironman Match Noddy (c) Vs Nemiesis

UCWA's Santa Claus Vs DCW's Android 17 Vs CCW's Maven Vs UCWL's Bruce Lee Vs HWF's Slasher Vs XNW's Kid Rash

Offical Theme Song Always By Seether

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