CWE is an upcoming show featuring superstars from Smackdown Vs Raw 2008 and a few CAWS

Title Brand Current Holder Won On
CWE Championship RAW Vacant -
Intercontinental Championship RAW Mr Kennedy Default Champion
RAW Vacant -
Vacant -
Hardcore Championship ECW Rob Van Dam Default Champion
ECW Tag Team Championship ECW Marcus Cor Von + Elijah Burke Default Champions
World Heavyweight Championship Smackdown! Vacant -
CWE USA Championship Smackdown Vacant -
CWE World Tag Team Championships Smackdown! Brittish Beasts (Regal + Finlay) Default Champions
Cruiserweight Championship Smackdown Gregory Helms Default Champion

The roster is as follows: RAW

Superstar Accomplishments Win/Loss Heel/Face
Big Daddy V 0-0 Heel
Booker T 0-0 Heel
Chris Jericho 0-0 Face
Chris Masters 0-0 Heel
Cody Rhodes 0-0 Heel
Jeff Hardy 0-0 Face
John Cena 0-0 Face
Kurt Angle 0-0 Face
Matt Hardy 0-0 Face
Mr Kennedy 0-0 Face
Randy Orton 0-0 Heel
Ric Flair 0-0 Heel
Ronald McDonald 0-0 Face
Shawn Michaels 0-0 Face
Ted DiBiase 0-0 Heel
The Rock 0-0 Face
Triple H 0-0 Face
Umaga 0-0 Heel

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