CAW Young Lions Cup
Current champion(s) Tony Vegas
Date Won 30 September, 2011
League Multi
Brand None
Introduced 2010
Retired n/a
Most reigns n/a
First Champion Bryan Davis
Last Champion n/a
Longest Reign Steven Spriter
Shortest Reign B.B. Disco
Heaviest Champion Matt Eichorn
Lightest Champion Bryan Davis
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The Young Lions Cup is a CAW Tournament contested every year, and is defended as a trophy.

Tournament Rules

The primary basis for eligibility is that the CAWs entered the CAW World since the last Young Lions Cup. However, the first Young Lions Cup will be eligibile to CAWs that entered the CAW World since 31st November 2009. The winner of the Young Lions Cup can defend the cup as an actual title until the following tournament, and Young Lions Cup tournament winners are not allowed to compete in the tournament again once they have won it. Previous holders of the trophy would not be allowed to compete for it again. As of August 23rd 2011, the rule to compete for the Young Lions Cup was changed so that only people who have not won a Vivianverse World Title, however previous holders still could not compete for it again.

Young Lions Cup Holders

Wrestler: Trophy Notes: Date Won:
Bryan Davis I Won at the Young Lions Cup 2010 Tournament 4th September 2010
Matt Eichorn I Defeated Bryan Davis at a NESE Show 13th October 2010
Steven Spriter I Defeated Matt Eichorn & Rick Acid at a NESE Show 6th January 2011
B.B. Disco II Won at the Yound Lions Cup 2011 Tournament 6th September 2011
Tony Vegas II Won at TCW* 16: Imminent Threat 30th September 2011

Young Lions Cup 2010

This will be the first Young Lions Cup, and will take over 3 nights.


Competitor Company Representing
Keith Connor NESE
Jason Matthews NESE
Omega ICCW
Steven Raden NAW
Andrew Liana NAW
Random Mexican KKK Member 1 Unattached
Random Mexican KKK Member 2 Unattached
Random Mexican KKK Member 3 Unattached
Random Mexican KKK Member 4 Unattached
Random Mexican KKK Member 7 Unattached
El Rojo Mexico DCO
Bryan Davis New-WWE
Darren Demonic URW
The Crippler NAW
Jesus Habinero IWT
Rick Acid WCW
Xavier CCL
Monoxide WCL
Marcus Lytle RAWR
Spitfire SDA
Kosmo Thomas SDA


  • VooDoo Zombie was suppose to take part, but it was revealed he did not meet the Tournament's critera

Tournament Drawings

Night One Bracket

  • Random KKK Member #3 defeated Steven Raden
  • Xavier defeated Damien Demonic
  • Marcus Lytle defeated Spitfire
  • The Crippler defeated Random KKK Member #1
  • El Rojo Mexico defeated Jesus Habinero
  • Bryan Davis defeated Andrew Liana

Night Two Bracket

  • Steven Spriter defeated Random KKK Member #2
  • Rick Acid defeated Keith Connor
  • Jason Matthews defeated Random KKK Member #4
  • Random KKK Member #7 defeated Omega
  • Monoxide defeated PFan
  • Kosmo Thomas defeated TBD

Night Three Finals

  • Day One Semi-Final Eliminator: Bryan Davis defeated Mexican KKK Member #3, Xavier, Marcus Lytle, The Crippler & El Rojo Mexico
    • Marcus Lytle pinned Mexican KKK Member 3 after a Superkick
    • Xavier pinned The Crippler after a DDT
    • El Rojo Mexico pinned Marcus Lytle after a Superkick
    • Bryan Davis pinned El Rojo Mexico after DDT Brainbuster
    • Bryan Davis makes Xavier tap out to the Surfboard
  • Day Two Semi-Final Eliminator: Steven Spriter defeated Rick Acid, Jason Matthews, Random KKK Member #7, Monoxide & TBD
    • Monoxide pins TBD after a DDT
    • Monoxide pins Jason Matthews after a DDT
    • Rick Acid makes Random KKK Member #7 tap out to a full nelson
    • Steven Spriter pins Monoxide after The Decimator
    • Steven Spriter pins Rick Acid after The Decimator
  • Final: Bryan Davis defeated Steven Spriter to become Young Lion Cup holder.

Defence of the First YLC

First Defence of the YLC I:

  • Matt Eichorn defeated Bryan Davis to become Young Lions Cup holder
    • Matt Eichorn wins after hitting the Un-Hawaiian Nightmare

Second Defence of the YLC I

  • Steven Spriter defeated Matt Eichorn & Rick Acid to become Young Lions Cup holder
    • Steven Spriter wins after kicking Matt Eichorn in the ass as hes pinning Rick Acid

Third Defence of the YLC I

  • Steven Spriter defeated Haduken to retain the Young Lions Cup and to win the WCW Intercontinental Championship
    • Steven Spriter wins after hitting the Total Wipeout.

Young Lions Cup 2011

This was the second Young Lions Cup, and was done by Sprite


Competitor Company Representing
Keith Connor NESE
Jason Matthews NESE
Random Mexican KKK Member 3 Unattached
Evan O'Shea WCW
B.B. Disco TCW*
Rod Queerstreet DJW
Haduken WCW
Blake IWT
"The Immortal" Steven Unattached
Malcolm McDermott NESE
Ajax Unattached
Trey Owens New-TNA
Shawn Dynasty NAW
Winter Bradley Jeri-MAX
Giant Guppy* New-WWE
  • Giant Guppy wasn't originally suppose to appear at YLC, but came in for the Block B Qualifer

Tournament Drawings

Block A

  • Keith Connor defeated Evan O'Shea
  • Blake defeated Haduken
  • Malcolm McDermott defeated Steven
  • B.B. Disco defeated Rod Queerstreet

Block A Finals

  • B.B Disco wins the 4 Way
    • Blake pinned Keith Connor
    • Blake pinned Malcolm McDermott
    • B.B Disco pinned Blake

Block B

  • ​Shawn Dynasty defeated Winter Bradley
  • Tony Vegas defeated Trey Owens
  • TY & Jason Matthews went to a double count out
  • Random Mexican KKK Member 3 went over Ajax

Block B Qualifer

  • Trey Owens won the Block B Qualifer
    • Evan O'Shea pinned Steven
    • Trey Owens threw Evan O'Shea out
    • Giant Guppy threw Winter Bradleys out
    • Trey Owens pinned Giant Guppy
    • Trey Owens threw Rod Queerstreet out
    • Haduken pinned Ajax
    • Trey Owens threw Haduken out

Block B Finals

  • Tony Vegas wins the 4 way
    • Tony Vegas threw Trey Owens out
    • Tony Vegas threw Shawn Dynasty out
    • Tony Vegas pins Random Mexican KKK Member 3


  • B.B. Disco defeats Tony Vegas to become the new Young Lions Cup Holder

Defence of the Second YLC

First Defence of the YLC II

  • Tony Vegas defeated B.B. Disco on TCW*16
    • Vegas won after hitting the REO Speedwagon

Young Lions Cup 2012

This was the third Young Lions Cup tournament, and the rules had changed a bit. The title now cannot be defended. The Tournament was canceled.


Competitor Company Represented
Ryan Nitro New-WWE
Craig David New-WWE
Norm "The Storm" Dailey T.Y.S.O.N. 
Garret Shetty T.Y.S.O.N.
Louden Styles BRAWL
Billy Yank TCW*
Tyler King T.Y.S.O.N. 
Jimmy Spade New-TNA
Demar Thomas New-WWE
Michael Greengrich Unattached
Mr. Death Unattached
Axel Stone FSCW
Jacob Marley New-WWE
* Jeri-MAX
Christopher Cauckel New-WWE
19 Unattached