CAW of Honor (COH) is an American CAW federation owned and created by Travis Sparks. It's main show Battleground has been a regular based program since 2013 and Slam in 2014. it is known for their unique style of program, including Video Promo's from CAW creators, voice acting, and controversial and sometimes offensive storylines.

CAW of Honor
COH Logo
Acronym COH
Establishment 2011-current
Owner(s) Travis Sparks
Staff Travis Sparks (owner)
Oliver Spinebreaker (COH Slam Commentator)
The Doctor (COH Battleground Commentator)
Christian Edwards (COH Battleground Commmentator)
Philip Ontario (COH Supershow Commentator)
Adam Jackpot (COH Supershow Commentator)
Formerly n/a
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History of COH

COH began with creator Travis Sparks and several other CAW Wrestling creator working with YouTube Championship Wrestling (YTCW) left due to the owners bias towards certain workers. Along with the ex-YTCW wrestlers, Sparks also signed wrestlers who were yet to debut, or were snubbed from the company, among those would be Brett Titus, Christian Storm, and Justin Bateman.

COH Battleground

New COH Battleground Logo

Battleground is the "main show" of CAW of Honor, it's pilot uploaded on January 13th, 2013, the main event was Zane LaFontain defending the COH Internet Championship against Christian Storm. It since then has had over 50 episodes and 4 supershows. In 2015, Slam became it's own brand and COH wnet under a brand split via Draft Lottery. Later that year, COH introduced the COH Global Championship as it's Primary Title, as the COH World Hevyweight Championship would become exclusive to Slam.


Superstar Picture Name Alignment Billing Signatures Finishers
Bay Area Bad Boy Heel San Francisco, CA Regal Stretch Twisting STO
Brandon Wolfe (2K16) "The Wolfeman"
Brandon Wolfe
Face Baton Rogue, LA Brain Buster Wolfe Howl
Calvin Barks-A-Lot Heel Savannah, GA Muta Lock Doghouse
Daniel Mars Heel Los Angelas, CA C4 Tragic Fashion
Donovan Rucker Face Atlanta, GA Superkick Fall of the Farm
El Noveno (2K16) El Noveno Heel Tijuana, Mexico 9-2-5 Noveno-sault
Hell Razor
Firestar Heart Firestar Hart Heel Nashville, TN
Fisk (2K16) "The Punisher"
Face Buffalo, NY Cobra Clutch Backbreaker Dark Void
Glutius Maximus (2K16) "The God Amongst Gods"
Glutius Maximus
Heel The Pits of Hell Choke Slam Michinoku Driver
Jay Krack (2K16) Jay Krack Heel Boston, MA ARMageddon Krazy 88 Kick/Ballad of Nino Brown
John Blackos (2K16) John Blackos Face Paris, France French-Fried
Eiffel Tower
Johnny Thunder Heel Chicago, IL Thunder Bomb Thunder Lock
"The Divine Jackpot"
Kenyon Fenix
Face Jersey City, NJ Rise of the Fenix Bloody Sunday
Levi McIntire (2K16) Levi McIntire Heel Cincinatti, OH Meathook Clothesline Package Piledriver
M-Accuracy (2K16) M-Accuracy Heel Patterson, NJ Flux Capacitor Arrogance Kick
Mason Kronik Heel Miami, FL
Residing: Tokyo, Japan
Kronifyer MK47
"The Canadian Destroyer"
Face Toronto, Ontario, Canada Canadian Neckbreaker Canadian Destroyer
Roses Thorn
Nate the Great (2K16) Nate the Great Face Newark, NJ CyberBully Edge of Greatness
"The Ultimate One"
Face Brisbane, Australia Side Effect Last Laugh
Owen White (2K16) "The Bruiser"
Owen White
Face England Spinebuster Brass Knuckle Therapy
Prince Santos Face Unknown Twist of Hate Swanton Bomb
"The Prodigy"
Raymond Dudley
Face San Diego, CA Helluva Kick Fujiwara Armbar
Rockstone (2K16) "Chicago Badass"
Face Chicago, IL Curbstomp Rockstone Stunner
"Rogue Shark"
Roger Terry
Face Stone Mountain, GA HammerHead Jaws of Death
Stefan Guerrero (2K16) "The Best Ever"
Stefan Guerrero
Heel Lima, Peru Rollling Elbow Peruvian Necktie
The Goonie Face Portland, OR Air Weed 4-2-0 Splash
Tommaso Cappelli Face The 1920's Splash Chokeslam
Tyler Richards Heel New Orleans, LA Flatliner
V-Pac Face Long Island, NY Facebuster V-Pacinator
"The Flying Dolphin"
Zane Lafontain
Face Philadephia, PA LaFontain Express
Keystone Cloverleaf
Dolphin Star Press
Just Die Already

Battleground Tag Team/Faction

Stable Name Members Alignment Finishers
Blood Brothers Roger Terry
Owen White
Golden Ambition Firestar Hart
El Noveno
The Eradication Glutius Maximus
Daniel Mars
Bay Area Bad Boy
Thunder's Children Johnny Thunder
Calvin Barks-A-Lot
Tyler Richards

Battleground Championships

Title Picture Title Name Current Champions Times Days Won Event (Location) Former Champions
COH Global Championship The Goonie 1 COH Outbreak 3 N/A (Defeated Nate the Great to become inaugural champion)
COH Internet Championship Jay Krack 1 COH Survival in the City 2
(Brooklyn, NY)
Stefan Guerrero, Ultimate Nitro, Fisk, Morris, and John Blackos
COH Tag Team Championships The Eradication
{Daniel Mars & Glutius Maxumus)
1 (both) COH Battleground: Say Goodbye to The Bad Guy Rap Metal
(Matt Barnes & Brandon Ross)

COH Slam

New COH Slam Logo

Slam History

COH Slam began on January 1st 2014 following Ultimate Glory 3 as a secondary program to showcase newer talent onto the roster, as well as feature matches that were not featured on Battleground. Slam would boost the careers of Ultimate Nitro, Fisk, and Stefan Guerrero and eventually become COH's secondary brand following Ultimate Glory 4.

Slam Rosters

Superstar Picture Name Alignment Billing Signatures Finishers
Adam Oliver Face Cleveland, OH Big Boot Neckbreaker
AJ Young (2K16) AJ Young Heel Toronto, Ontario, Canada Young Disaster Redemption Road
Austin Juhasz (2K16) Austin Juhasz Face Richmond, VA Scorpion Tail Death Warrant
Impaler DDT
Ben Master Ben Hopkins Face Essex, England, UK Super Kick Descent to Madness
Black Anaconda Heel Boston, MA Spinebuster Anaconda Vice
BOA Heel Boston, MA Boa Bomb Constriction
Caleb Blair (2K16) "The King"
Caleb Blair
Face Detroit, MI Sidewinder Suplex
The Solution
Caesar's Palace
Punt Kick
Chris Knight (on COH When Worlds Collide) "The True Chess Master"
Chris Knight
Heel Greenwich, CT Rook Buster Checkmate
Convell Lupo Face Crossface
David Rivera (2K16) "The Instant Classic"
David Rivera
Face Smithfield, NC Frog Splash Killswitch
150px DJC
aka Dylan James Check
Face Cortland, OH Missile Dropkick Vertabreaker
EW (2K16) "The Enforcer"
Heel Cardiff, Wales, UK C4 SmokeOut
Gregory Matthew Robertson
Face Scotland Tombstone
Jacky Stanbridge Jack Stanbridge Face London, England, UK 450 Splash Giga Impact
Jeffrey Albritton Heel Colombia, SC Star Burst Star Clash
Kevin Cross (2K16) "Worlds Greatest Everything"
Kevin Cross
Face Mt. Pocono, PA Crisis Cutter Final Requiem
Mark Kennedy (2K16) "The One"
Mark Kennedy
Heel Detroit, MI One and Only Moon Stomp
Phil Meng Phil Meng Face Richmond, VA Kudo Driver Cutter
Ray Gettys (2K16) "The Ragin Redneck"
Ray Gettys
Face Charlotte, NC Red-Neck-Breaker Red Eye
"Vicious" Ryan Carroll Heel Baltimore, MD Curbstomp Elbow to the Jaw
Saheed Muhammad (2K16) "The Beast from the Middle East"
Saheed Muhammad
Heel The Middle East T-Bone Suplex Gogoplata
Scott Adams (2K16) Scott Adams Face London, England KO Punch JackKnife Powerbomb
Shawn Walsh (2K16) Shawn "Scorpion" Walsh Face Philadelphia, PA SockoCutter Sharpshooter
Slayer Heel The Pits Of Hell
The Great D (CCL National Champion Entrance) The Great D Face Las Vegas, NV The Great Elbow
Great DDT
The Greatest Finisher of All Time
Myst motone The Myst
Also known as Myst Motone
Face Sherwood, AR Myst Cutter
Sliced Bread
Whisper in the Myst
Myst Cutter 2.0
The Nightmare
Also known as Ike Stone
Heel The Pits Of Hell Chokeslam Sweet Dreams
The Patriot (2K16) "All American American Amarican"
The Patriot
Heel Washington, DC Yes Bomb Yes Lock
TJ Prophet (2K16) TJ Prophet Face Krakow, Poland Backfist to the Future Prophet Cutter
"The Phenomenal"
Tre' Jeter
Heel Charleston, SC Superkick Meteora
Will Wild Face Cleveland, OH BackItUp Wild Thornberry

Slam Tag Team/Faction

Stable Name Members Alignment Finishers
The Nightmare
Arisen from Nothing Austin Juhasz
Ben Hopkins
Dark Warriors Jack Stanbridge
Phil Meng
The Constrictors BOA
Black Anaconda
Wild KO Will Wild
Adam Oliver
#WorldsGreatestTeam Kevin Cross
The Great D
Carolina Club Tre' Jeter
Jeffrey Albritton
Snap or Tap Inc Convell Lupo
Gregory Matthew Robertson

Slam Championships

Title Picture Title Name Current Champions Times Days Won Event (Location) Former Champions
COH World Heavyweight Championship Ray Gettys 2 COH Ready to Rumble 4 Scott Adams
COH Pride Championship AJ Young 1 March 23, 2016 COH Riot
(San Juan, Puerto Rico)
Mark Kennedy
COH Global Tag Team Championships Arisen From Nothing
(Austin Juhasz & Ben Hopkins)
1 (both) COH Ready to Rumble 4 The Elite
(EW & Tommy Moonshine)

COH Alumni

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COH Click-Per-Views/Specials

Season 1

1. COH The Era of Honor Begins

2. COH Legacy in the Making

3. COH Honor in Victory

4. COH Ultimate Glory

Season 2

1. COH Tag Team Warfare

2. COH Cold War

3. COH Desperate Measures

4. COH Lust

5. COH Collateral Damage

6. COH Hell's Palace

7. COH Uprising

8. COH Outbreak

9. COH Ready to Rumble

10. COH Called to Arms

11. COH Ragnarok

12. COH SummerFest

13. COH Do or Die

14. COH HonorVersary

15. COH Legacy in the Making 2

16. COH Fright Night

17. COH Honor in Victory 2

18. COH Fight to the Finish

19. COH/YWF Super Clash of the Champions

20. COH Ultimate Glory 2: End of Days

Season 3

1. COH Pride & Glory

2. COH Outbreak 2

3. COH Honor 2 Society

4. COH Survival In The City

5. COH Ready to Rumble 2

6. COH SummerFest 2

7. COH Do or Die II

8. COH HonorVersary 2

9. COH Ultimate Glory 3

Season 4

1. COH People Power

2. AWF vs. COH Clash of the Titans

3. COH Guerrilla Warfare

4. COH Ready to Rumble 3

5. COH HonorVersary 3

6. COH Money in the Bank

7. COH Ultimate Glory 4

Season 5

1. COH Draft Show

2. COH Guerrilla Warfare 2

3. COH Outbreak 3

4. COH When Worlds Collide

5. COH Riot

6. COH Survival In The City 2

7. COH Ready to Rumble 4

8. COH HonorVersary 4

9. tbd

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