CAWllision is a Click Per View or Mega Event, with the original premise of creating a showcase of talent from many different leagues and having them compete in various matches. After Cawllision 2, the new objective is mainly satire.

As of July 29th, the CAWllision series has become part of The Vivianverse canon. All previous CAWllision events are retroactively placed into the Vivianverse's canon as of the date of its addition.

The CAWllision Rumble

The Rumble has always been a main event feature of this CPV since the second event usually featuring 30 people. KAALEZION 6 was the first event to feature two seperate rumbles.

# Event Winner Entry #
1 Cawlission 2 Ichigo Kurasaki 30
2 CAWllision 3 Christopher Masterpiece -
3 CAWllision IV John Cena 31
4 CAWllision 5 Michael Cole 16
5 KAALEZION 6 David Hart Smith 14
6 KAALEZION 6 King Mabel 11

The DCO World Heavyweight & Southern Heavyweight Championship

The first title made in the CAWllision series, was the Southern Heavyweight Championship, it debuted at the Sixth installment after two battle royal winners would decide the first match for the belt. The winner of the battle royals happened to be King Mabel and DH Smith, With the ultimate winner being "All Black" DH Smith.

For information about the DCO World Championship, visit DCO World Heavyweight Championship.

Championship Current Champion Former Champion Event
Southern Heavyweight Championship William Regal Big Boss Man FNW Show
DCO World Heavyweight Championship King Mabel Fake Danny Jackpot DCWL Show

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