CAWllision 3 is a satirical CPV, and is the official sequel to CAWllision 2. Though number 2 and it's own predecessor were intended to be comprised of dream matches between top CAW feds, number 3 takes a different approach, instead opting to poke fun at promotions and CAW owners alike. The event was recorded by Burb and Soundwave47, commentated by BPEZ, and booked by Burb, Soundwave721, and Danny Jackpot.

Uploading of CAWllision 3 began on June 16, 2009. It already stirred controversy, with the bout between SCAW Champion Ichigo Kurosaki and Javori Smart being flagged by insulted SCAW fans. The match was reuploaded immediately afterward (and edited), only to once again be flagged by these SCAW fans.


The idea of a third CAWllision event actually was pitched BEFORE the release of CAWllision 2 by Matt Metamorphis of OMG CAW. Upon pitching this idea, Metamorphis was flamed to death by the members of the SMF Forum and was subsequently denied the right to create CAWllision 3 by it's creator, the owner of WEDF.

Weeks later, in one of his rant videos that resulted from some of the more controversial moments of the second CAWllision, Jeff Winninger stated that Willywill of ICWO was planning on making a third CAWllision. Willywill was also denied the right to create the event.

At last, PORNOMAN of the SMF Forum made a petition for all rights to the CAWllision name to be given to Burb, BPEZ, and Danny Jackpot, with the below stipulations [1]

  • Jeff Winninger cannot win any matches.
  • SCAW cannot win any matches.

The petition was signed by several members, and ended when the WEDF Owner himself signed the petition, thus giving complete control of the event to the aforementioned three. CAWllision 3 was officially confirmed shortly afterward.

Official Match Card

# Matches Stipulations Game Used Results
1 Jumpmeisters (J-Law and Kintro) vs Maximus Matter and Prince of Pain Tag Team Match Smackdown Vs Raw 2009 Jumpmeisters def. Maximus Matter & Prince of Pain
2 Derek the V Extreme vs Kintro vs Jeff Winninger vs Allan Caesar III Fatal Four Way Battle Royal Wrestlemania 2000 Mercurius def. Kintro, Jeff Winninger, and Allan Caesar III
3 SCAW's Ichigo Kurosaki vs Javori Smart Loser has sex with Jeff Winninger Smackdown Vs Raw 2009 Javori Smart def. Ichigo Kurosaki
4 Shadow the Hedgehog (c) vs Bret Michaels Singles Match for the ACWL World Championship Smackdown Vs Raw 2009 Bret Michaels def. Shadow the Hedgehog
5 Mercurius vs His Sister Ladder Match for remaining Inheritance Smackdown Vs Raw 2009 Mercurius def. His Sister
6 Allan Caesar III vs That Mexican kid who kicked his ass last year Street Fight Smackdown Vs Raw 2009 Allan Caesar III def. Mexican Kid
Main CAWllision Rumble 30 Man Over The Top Battle Royal Smackdown Vs Raw 2009 Winner: Christopher Masterpiece
Unaired Bruno vs Snuggles Singles Match Smackdown vs Raw 2009 Snuggles def. Bruno


  • 2. Derek evolved into Mercurius and defeated Allan Caesar III using the Hitler Drop
  • 3. Ichigo actually defeated Javori via pinfall, but Javori was declared the winner due to the "SCAW Cannot Win" rule from the CAWllision 3 petition.
  • 5. After the match, Mercurius assaulted his sister and eventually killed her by tearing all the flesh off her face. This match was originally meant to be Mercurius vs his father in a Last Man Standing match.
  • 8. Similarly to the results of Ichigo vs Javori Smart, Ichigo actually won the Battle Royal, but was once again denied victory due to the "SCAW Cannot Win" rule.
  • 9. Match never aired on original Cawllision 3 because it was not commentated, Bpez had to quit after Willywill told his parents, later uploaded by Danny Jackpot uncommentated

CAWllision Rumble Statistics

Draw Entrant Brand eliminations order Eliminated by
1 Bad Bobby Lashley CAW OMG 1 2 Sephiroth & Hawkinz
2 Nameless Flux BCW - 1 Bobby Lashley
3 Sephiroth NGW/ACWL 1 3 Jason Hawkinz
4 Jason Hawkinz - 4 8 Jeff Hardy & Killgore
5 cawsplash FWF 1 6 Joshua & Allan
6 Derek the V Extreme IHW - 4 Allan & Killgore
7 Allan Caesar III ACWL 2 7 Jason Hawkinz
8 Killgore DWF 2 10 J-Law
9 Jeff Winninger - - 5 Jason Hawkinz & cawsplash
10 Joshua TNC TNC 1 11 Jeff Hardy & J-Law
11 Mackin' 2 Da MAX Richard XGWL - 9 Joshua & Jeff Hardy
12 Bad Jeff Hardy CAW WCCW/XCW 3 13 Hell Razor & Shadow
13 J-Law - 2 12 Javori Smart
14 Javori Smart - 2 18 Shadow Joker & Viscera
15 Hell Razor XGWL 1 15 Javori Smart
16 Bret Michaels NAW 1 16 Ichigo & Viscera
17 Shadow the Hedgehog ACWL 1 14 Bret Michaels
18 Ichigo Kurosaki SCAW 8 - -
19 Big Daddy Viscera CCF 6 26 Ichigo
20 Shadow Joker - 2 19 Nic & Ichigo
21 Nic WWE-Kids 2 20 Viscera & Ichigo
22 Suspect OCL - 17 Shadow Joker & Nic
23 Maximus Matter - 1 23 Viscera & Dylan
24 Matt Metamorphis OMG - 21 'Lil Ham & Viscera
25 'Lil Ham WWE-Kids 1 22 Viscera & Maximus
26 Dylan Patrick Connell TNC 1 25 Ichigo
27 Orlando Jordan CCF - 24 Ichigo
28 Bruno - - 27 Mercurius
29 Mercurius NGW 1 28 Ichigo & Tony
30 Xtreme Tony XGWL 1 29 Ichigo
- Christopher Masterpiece - - - WINNER


After being uploaded, CAWllision 3 received praise by the majority of the SMF Forum, and the only CAW fed/fans that seemed to take offense towards it was fans of SCAW, who flagged down the match involving Ichigo Kurosaki.

CAWllision 3 was almost completely wiped off the internet as a combined result of the General Dingos Youtube Copyright Claim abuse and Willywill of ICWO calling the police on commentor BPEZ because BPEZ jokingly took credit for the false flagging of ICWO. Most of the matches have since been reuploaded, with the exception of the Battle Royal itself, due to it being lost forever.


SMF Forum Topic

SMF Forum Topic w/ videos of the show

  1. "Pornoman's petition". SMF Forums. Retrieved 2007-12-03. 

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