CAWllision IV is an interpromotional CPV, and is the official sequel to CAWllision 3. It is set to be a mixture of the styles of the second and third installment; half satire, half serious.


CAWllision IV was originally announced shortly after the release of CAWllision 3, in early Summer 2009, but was canceled following the mass flagging of CAW feds by Generaldingos and the SMF Forum's war with Willywill of ICWO. At the time of its original announcement, it was set to be a direct follow-up to CAWllision 3 and feature the same style of card.

The event was officially re-announced for production on March 14th, 2011. It is expected to be released some time in late April - mid May.

Official Match Card

# Matches Stipulations Game Used Results
Pre-Show Jeff Jarrett (c) vs Giant Guppy Singles Match for the JJPW World Heavyweight Championship TNA iMPACT Jeff Jarrett defeats Giant Guppy via pinfall to retain the JJPW World Heavyweight Championship
1 Michael Heinman vs Jeff Winninger Singles Match Smackdown Vs Raw 2011 Michael Heinman defeats Jeff Winninger via pinfall
2 CYBERDOMAINIAN vs Ricky Ho Singles Match, Also winner had the rights to use Teddy Long's titantron Smackdown Vs Raw 2011 Big Bill Studebaker defeats CYBERDOMAINIAN via pinfall
3 Platinum Age vs Biff Andreas and Shawn Dynasty Tag Team Match for the Something CAWful CAW Superstar to watch out for in 2011 award. Smackdown Vs Raw 2011 Platinum Age defeats Biff Andreas and Shawn Dynasty after Fred Durst pinned Biff Andreas
4 Danny Jackpot vs Yuna Singles Match Smackdown: Here Comes the Pain Danny Jackpot defeats Yuna via pinfall
5 Zach Starr vs Connor Wine Singles Match Smackdown Vs Raw 2011 Connor Wine defeats Zach Starr via pinfall
6 Caylen Rogers vs The Miz vs Sheamus vs Adam "Pacman" Jones vs Larry It vs The Crippler Vivianverse Money in the Bank Ladder Match Smackdown vs Raw 2011 The Miz retrieves the briefcase to win the match
7 Legs Strokeworthy vs Bryce Kanyon Steel Cage Match WWE All-Stars Legs Strokeworthy defeats Bryce Kanyon via escape
8 Allan Caesar III (c) vs superdingos vs Random Mexican vs Derek The V Exteme Fatal Four Way Elimination Match for the ACWL World Heavyweight Championship WWF Wrestlemania 2000 Allan Caesar III retains the ACWL World Heavyweight Championship, last eliminating Random Mexican
Main CAWllision Rumble 30 Man Over The Top Battle Royal Smackdown: Here Comes the Pain John Cena wins, last eliminating Jeff Hardy


  • 2. Ricky Ho was replaced by Big Bill Studebaker.
  • 3. Platinum Age was represented by FEDAULT and Fred Durst.
  • Main. John Cena entered as surprise entrant #31.

Rumble Stats

Draw Entrant Promotion eliminations order Eliminated by
1 Chris Masters WWE 0 2 Liggleton
2 The Ultimate Warrior N/A 2 8 Flair
3 Coca-Cola Can IWT 1 6 Flair
4 Guile Various 0 1 Warrior
5 Dorf Liggleton Various 1 3 Coca-Cola Can
6 MVP N/A 0 4 Heinman
7 Michael Heinman CCL 2 10 Flair
8 Ric Flair TNA 4 13 Strokeworthy
9 Danny Jackpot Various 0 5 Heinman
10 "Future Legend" John Creed Test CPV 0 16 Strokeworthy
11 Maximus Matter N/A 0 7 Warrior
12 Ichigo Kurosaki SCAW 0 9 Flair
13 Evan O'Shea Various 2 14 Strokeworthy
14 Legs Strokeworthy N/A 4 17 Allan
15 Brent Harvanator Various 0 11 O'Shea
16 King Mabel N/A 0 12 O'Shea
17 Gunther BWF 0 15 Strokeworthy
18 Allan Caesar III NAW 2 19 Andreas
19 PFAN N/A 0 18 Allan
20 Biff Andreas NAW 1 21 Mercurius
21 Caylen Rogers Various 0 22 Prince of Pain
22 Lonestarr022 SCAW 1 23 Prince of Pain
23 Mr. Clean Various 0 20 Lonestarr
24 Mercurius WWF 3 29 Jeff Hardy
25 The Prince of Pain N/A 4 26 Mercurius
26 Sheena Marie Various 0 27 Bradleys
27 Spoony NESE 0 24 Prince of Pain
28 Winter Bradleys Jeri-MAX 1 28 Mercurius
29 Commissioner Bowers N/A 0 25 Prince of Pain
30 Jeff Hardy TNA 1 30 John Cena
31 John Cena WWE 1 N/A WINNER

Match Backgrounds

1. This match was scheduled after Legs Strokeworthy's SCAW Championship wins, Bryce Kanyon, who in his final form is thought to be equal in strength to Legs Strokeworhy, decided to defend SCAW, and Kanyon and Strokeworthy had a staredown after Strokeworthy defeated Green Lantern. After joining SDA, the rivalry truly began as Bryce brought his Team of fellow SCAW Fans to attack Legs Strokeworthy.

2. CYBERDOMAINIAN returned to WWCW despite being killed by Ricky Ho backstage. Ricky then challenged CYBERDOMAINIAN to one final match, hopefully to end the career of CYBERDOMAINIAN.

3. Platinum Age had won the Something CAWful CAW Superstar to watch out for in 2011 award, however after this they disbanded. NAW Superstars Biff Andreas and Shawn Dynasty then challenged Platinum Age for this award, which was accepted.

4. Jeff Winninger had defeated Michael Heinman for the CAW Champion of Champions title, embarassing Heinman. After this Heinman wouldn't be taken seriously and he decided to challenge Winninger to gain the fan's respect once again.

5. At the CAW Clusterfuck 2, Zach Starr had eliminated Connor Wine and would recieve a lot of heat for this. This would be the driving factor into his heel turn.

6. Danny Jackpot had won the New-WWE Royal Rumble, however after a change of decision by Frederick James Francis, Yuna was entered at the last minute and this allowed her to win this. However at an IWT Stream, Danny would eliminate Yuna from a battle royal despite already being eliminated. This match was made to end the rivalry between the two.

7. All six competitors are former Money in the Bank holders in different Vivianverse feds; New-WWE (The Miz and Caylen Rogers), Jeri-MAX (Adam "Pacman" Jones and Sheamus), and NAW (Larry It and The Crippler), and it gives them the opportunity to cash in their MITB on any Vivianverse league championship.

8. As in usual CAWllision tradition, The involvement of ACWL was a must. Allan defends the championship against thesuperdingos, a man he has had multiple problems with in CAW. The Random Mexican who kicked his ass a couple years back at a basketball court, Also Allans CAWllision 3 opponent. Derek The V Extreme was added as the fourth man after a one-day vote from the Something CAWful Forums.

e v CAWllision Series
Installments: 1 · 2 · 3 · IV · 5 · 6 · 7
Championships: Southern Heavyweight Championship · DCO World Championship

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