CAW-n-spiracy poster
Tagline(s) A Multi-League CAW Spectacular
Promotion CAW Champions League (as the Event's Host Promotion with Multiple Feds taking part in it)
Date December 26th, 2011 - January 16th, 2012
Venue Staples Center
City Los Angeles, California, USA
Theme Song "For Those About to Rock (We Salute You)" by AC/DC
Last Event Incumbent
Next Event TBA

CAW[n]spiracy was a Multi-CAW League Event hosted by the CAW Champions League that took place from December 26th, 2011 to January 16th, 2012. Clocking at nearly 80 matches with participation from nearly 40 different CAW Leagues, this was indeed the biggest, largest and longest CAW Wrestling Supercard ever produced.

Due to its overwelming length and quality for many of the leagues involved, the even was considered an on-going joke, only clocking in roughly 10 talked about matches of the 80, none of which came from the host promotion, CCL.

The federations that were represented in this Super Card range in alphabetical order:

Match Card

Day On Match No. Match Winner Match Type Fed(S)
Monday 1 XtremeTony (c) vs. Lance Garrison Cade vs. Craig "Silverback" Johnson Lance Garrison Cade US-FWA Championship, Open Invitational ACW
Monday 2 Doomsday (FvH) vs Superboy (OCBF) Superboy Interpromotional FvH, OCBF
Monday 3 Woody & Buzz Lightyear vs. Paul Phoenix & Marshall Law Woody & Buzz Lightyear Tag Team Match NCCWF
Monday 4 Aya vs. Marie Silva Marie Silva #1 Contenders Match for the Women's Regional Championship SEA
Monday 5 Team GWF (Mr. Yallerson, Johnny Acid & Foley Anderson) vs. Team UWCL (Johnny Steel, Victor Cronik & Evan Scottland) Team GWF 6 Man Interpromotional Match GWF, UWCL
Monday 6 Wolverine (c) vs. Hulk Hulk OCBF Championship Match OCBF
Monday 7 A.T. Peese vs. Asanomori Asanomori OJ-FWA
Monday 8 Natalya (c) vs. Kristian Keller Kristian Keller UCW Divas Championship UCW
Monday 9 Anthony Washington (JFW) vs. Armageddon (CCL) Anthony Washington Interpromotional Hell in a Cell Match JFW, CCL
Tuesday 10 Omarosa (FvH) vs. Snooki (UCW) Omarosa Interpromotional FvH, UCW
Tuesday 11 TRT vs. Matthew Spader TRT KWI
Tuesday 12 Matthias Marifox vs. Julio Vesquez Julio Vequez UWC
Tuesday 13 The Killer vs. Tommy Faker vs. Kazarian vs. Daniel Bryan vs. Primeo vs. Repo Man The Killer 6 Man Elimination, #1 Contender Match for any EWD singles Championship EWD
Tuesday 14 Anna Machen (Femme Tag Team Champion) vs. Challe Williams (Femme Division Champion) No contest Champion vs Champion SWF (Southwestern Wrestling Federation)
Tuesday 15 ShoMiz (c) vs. Jake "The Snake" Roberts & Edge ShoMiz Wrestling Heaven Tag Team Championship WH
Tuesday 16 Shelton Benjamin (NESE) vs. The Rock (IWT) The Rock Interpromotional NESE, IWT
Tuesday 17 Lethal Mathematices, Richard Hawkins & Brian Adams vs. Tendanciz, The Eclipse & Joey Eagle Lethal Mathematices, Richard Hawkins & Brian Adams WAR vs Annihilation 6 Man Tag Team Match MPWF
Wednesday 18 Eddy Gordo vs. Johnny Cage Eddy Gordo NCCWF
Wednesday 19 Jeff Hardy (c) vs. Max vs. Jewish vs. The Doctor vs. Spoony vs. Super Alfredo Jeff Hardy Battle Royal, Intercontinental Championship (Final Two complete in a singles match) NJCW
Wednesday 20 Brad "KO" Korisko vs. "The Italian Hitman" Tony Aristone Brad "KO" Korisko DZW
Wednesday 21 X-Man vs. The Ender The Ender #1 Contender's Match for EWD World Heavyweight Championship EWD
Wednesday 22 HEE HEEism vs. Alex Cote and Chuck Norris HEE HEEism 3 on 2 Handicap Match HSW
Wednesday 23 Simon Belmont (c) vs. Xenomorph vs. The 90's Kid vs. Jason Matthews Jason Matthews Fatal 4-Way, NESE Extreme Championship NESE
Wednesday 24 Princess Zelda (CCL) vs. Princess Allura (FvH) Princess Zelda Interpromotional CCL, FvH
Wednesday 25 Jon Ryven (c) vs. Ely Jon Ryven 3 Stages to Heaven for the WXF Championship WXF
Thursday 26 Suspect vs. Mr. Death Suspect Extreme Rules WH
Thursday 27 Ty Q & Europe vs. Sock105 & Danny Hardy Ty Q & Europe AWF
Thursday 28 Predator (c) vs. Ultraman Predator International Championship DMW
Thursday 29 Brett Fortune vs. Dominic Drake Brett Fortune DZW
Thursday 30 Reckless vs. Damien Xanatos Reckless FSCW
Thursday 31 Chris Hero (JFW) vs. Nathan House (CCL) Nathan House Interpromotional JFW, CCL
Thursday 32 Sheamus (c) vs. Ryu vs. Marcus Nash vs. Arn Anderson Sheamus Fatal Four Way, Hardcore Championship JFW
Thursday 33 Aaron Alexander vs. Matt Phoenix Matt Phoenix No Disqualification Match for possession of CAW All-Stars Rumble Contract, The winner can challenge the CCL World Champion at any time for up to a year, or the CAW All-Stars Champion at CAW All-Stars 4 CCL
Friday 34 Above Average Craig McDaniels vs. JD Haze JD Haze UWC
Friday 35 Kyle Stone (c) vs. Dante Kyle Stone Kyle Stone Inviational for the Ico Championship HSW
Friday 36 SuperDriver vs. Shallow Shallow OJ-FWA
Friday 37 Sheamus (UCW Universal Champion) vs. Smokey (UCW American Champion) Sheamus Champion vs. Champion UCW
Friday 38 Nappa (c) vs. Kenshin vs. Rocky Blade Nappa Steel Cage, TCW* Championship TCW*
Friday 39 Rage (c) vs. Envy Envy Queen of Hardcore SEA
Friday 40 Merle Haggard Jr. (GWF) vs. Hog Williker (URWL) Hog Williker Interpromotional GWF, URWL
Friday 41 "The Dragon" Max Blaze (c) vs. "Psychotic" Roderick Rage "The Dragon" Max Blaze SWF Championship SWF (Storyline Wrestling Federation)
Monday 42 Vaughn Kreed vs. "Tha Scorpion" Trey Suave (c) "Tha Scorpion" Trey Suave TNXA Hardcore Championship TNXA
Monday 43 Team Rocket (James Kojiro & Meowth) w/ Jessie Musashi vs. Zak Saturday & Jack Evans Zak Saturday and Jack Evans Tag Team Match TNXA
Monday 44 Timmy Turner vs. Chase Young Timmy Turner TNXA
Monday 45 Team GCW ("American Made Muscle" Tony McDaniels,Quicksilver, & Mindfreak) vs. Ash Team TWA (Ketchum, Tom Freedom, & Kurt Angle) Team GCW 6 Man Interpromtional Match GCW, TWA
Monday 46 ACP vs. Leonidas Gonzales ACP Steel Cage DWF
Monday 47 John Cena vs. The American Eagle vs. Kirby Niles vs. Snake Eyez vs. Tank The American Eagle 20 Minute United States Championship Scramble Match DWF
Monday 48 The Rebel (c) vs. Sir Magic The Rebel DWF Championship DWF
Monday 49 The Rebel (c) vs. Roijinn Anko Roijinn Anko DWF Championship DWF
Tuesday 50 Sandman vs. Michael Jordan Sandman NCCWF
Tuesday 51 Harley Quinn vs. Sabrina the Teenage Witch Harley Quinn UWO
Tuesday 52 Batista vs. Chris English Chris English NXW
Tuesday 53 Phoebe Cates (c) vs. Jenn Noureldin Phoebe Cates Women's Championship NJCW
Tuesday 54 Jett Reno (WWW Champion) vs. Carwin Santos (Massacre Champion) vs. Skyler Reign (Cruiserweight Champion) Carwin Santos Massacre, Cruiserweight, World Wide Web Championship Unification Match KWI
Tuesday 55 Ryomou Shimei (c) vs. Diana Diamond Diana Diamond Queen of Roses Championship SEA
Tuesday 56 Shinsuke Nakamura vs. Keith Connor Shinsuke Nakamura NESE
Tuesday 57 Sarah Warfield (XGWL) vs. Wonder Woman (CCL) Sarah Warfield Interpromotional XGWL, CCL
Wednesday 58 So Ryung Park (c) vs. Liliana So Ryung Park FWA-NA Championship OJ-FWA
Wednesday 59 Poison Bee (c) vs. Stone Cold Steve Austin Poison Bee Steel Cage for the WH Championship WH
Wednesday 60 Tyson vs. Monzer Mozyadeh Tyson Steel Cage TNE
Wednesday 61 Rob Van Dam (UCCW) (c) vs. Shaun Crossfire Rob Van Dam Interpromotional, UCCW United States Championship, if Shaun wins then he becomes apart of UCCW. UCCW
Wednesday 62 Masa Haragouchi & Sentou vs. Norihito Takahashi & Japanese Express Masa Haragouchi & Sentou 6 Man Tag Team Match UWC
Wednesday 63 Strongbad (c) vs. Liu Kang Strongbad HSW Championship HSW
Wednesday 64 Adam Adriensenns & Troll Patrol vs. Jeff Spiccoli & Rock of Ages Adam Adriensenns & Troll Patrol 6 Man Tag Team Match NJCW
Wednesday 65 AJ Young vs. Michael Stone Michael Stone DZW
Wednesday 66 Brent Harvanator (RSW) (c) vs. A-Pac (NJCW) Brent Harvanator Interpromotional Ladder Match, CCL Hardcore Championship RSW, NJCW
Wednesday 67 "IMAX" Steve, Default & John Kind vs. Eric James, Jake Kind & Brass Knuckle "IMAX" Steve, Default & John Kind 6 Man Tag Team Match EWD
Wednesday 68 Jun Kazama (FvH) vs. Christie Monteiro (CCL) Christie Monteiro Interpromotional FvH, CCL
Wednesday 69 Charlie Brown (NCA) vs. Ernest P. Worrell (FvH) Double Countout Interpomotional NCW, FvH
Wednesday 70 Luke Skywalker vs. Philip J. Fry Philip J. Fry UWO
Wednesday 71 Samus (c) vs. Lara Croft Samus CCL Women's Championship CCL
Tuesday 72 Rowdy Reiko (c) vs. Miss Penny Dreadful vs. Saeko Busujima Miss Penny Dreadful US-FWA Women's Championship, Open Invitational ACW
Tuesday 73 Tatto Taker (c) vs. BEN HITMAN vs. Evan Rockville vs. Shawn vs. The X-treme Tyler Tatto Taker AWF Championship Scramble AWF
Tuesday 74 Apollo (MPWF Champion) vs. Lemar James Jackson (World Heavyweight Champion) Apollo Champion vs. Champion MPWF
Tuesday 75 TGO vs. Keller Keller No Disqualification DWF
Tuesday 76 Pouncy (United Star Champion) vs. Kyle Andrews (SWF Champion) Kyle Andrews Champion vs. Champion SWF (Southwestern Wresting Federation)
Tuesday 77 Scorpion vs. Cory Jones Cory Jones Grudge Match URWL
Tuesday 78 CJ Logan vs XtremeTony XtremeTony CCL National Championship & CCL World Heavyweight Championship CCL