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Promotion CAW Champions League
Date November 25, 2011
Venue Georgia Dome
City Atlanta, GA
Theme Song "The Evil That Men Do" by Iron Maiden
Last Event CCL Supernova 2011
Next Event CCL Forsaken


Elimination Chamber for the CCL World Heavyweight Championship
Tommy Kazarian (c) vs. Nathan House vs. Dante vs. Michael Heinman vs. The Great One vs. CJ Logan

Fatal 4-Way Match for the CCL Womens Championship
Samus (c) vs. Elektra vs. Psylocke vs. Envy

2 Out of 3 Falls Match for the CCL National Championship
Matt Phoenix (c) vs. XtremeTony

10-Man Elimination Tag Match
Team CCL (Brent Harvanator, Smokey, Combo, & Affliction) vs. Army of Death (Kunzite, Patrick Sander, Nathan Slash, A-Pac, & Nicor Berith); If Team CCL wins, the Army of Death must leave CCL immediately. If the Army of Death wins, they'll join the roster.

Aaron Alexander vs. Armageddon

CAW[n]spiracy Preview
Christie Monteiro & Jun Kazama vs. Wonder Woman & Sarah Warfield

Giuliana Fontana vs. Miss Penny Dreadful


# Match Stipulation Time
Pre 1 Demonique defeated Emily Rodriguez Singles Match 5:40
Pre 2 Nate Matthews defeated Gambit Singles Match 7:13
Pre 3 Lara Croft defeated Princess Zelda Singles Match 5:03
Pre 4 Natural Phenomenon (Gregory Black & CJ Wizard) defeated The Butcher & Overkill Tag Team Match 12:49
1 XtremeTony defeated Matt Phoenix (c) 2 Out of 3 Falls for the CCL National Championship 19:10
2 Miss Penny Dreadful defeated Giuliana Fontana Singles Match 8:16
3 Aaron Alexander defeated Armageddon Grudge Match 25:16
4 Samus (c) defeated Elektra, Psylocke and Envy Fatal 4-Way Match for the CCL Women's Championship 8:50
5 The Army of Death (Kunzite, Patrick Sander, Nicor Berith, A-Pac and Nathan Slash) defeated Team CCL (Brent Harvanator, Smokey, Combo and Affliction (Aaron Spector & Frank Shatter)) 5-on-5 Elimination Tag Team Match; The Army of Death wins, they join the CCL roster. 41:32
6 Wonder Woman & XGWL's Sarah Warfield defeated Christie Monteiro & FvH's Jun Kazama Interpromotional Woman's Tag Team Match 20:28
7 CJ Logan defeated Tommy Kazarian (c), Michael Heinman, Nathan House, TGO and Dante Elimination Chamber Match for the CCL World Heavyweight Championship


  • 2 - After the match, Giuliana Fontana attack Miss Penny Dreadful with a chair and left her in the middle of the ring.
  • 5 - UCCW Owner & Army of Death Leader Death Dangerously joined with Eddie Mac as special guest commentator for the match. Death walk out but he came back and attack Brent Harvanator during the match.
  • 7 - After the match, Michael Heinman gives the belt to CJ Logan and Logan hit Heinman with the title belt when Heinman was turning around.

10-Men Elimination Tag Team Match

Elimination # Wrestler Team Eliminated By
1 A-Pac Army of Death Brent Harvanator
2 Aaron Spector Team CCL Nicor Berith
3 Frank Shatter Team CCL Nicor Berith
4 Nathan Slash Army of Death Brent Harvanator
5 Combo Team CCL Patrick Sander
6 Smokey Team CCL Nicor Berith
7 Nicor Berith Army of Death Brent Harvanator
8 Brent Harvanator Team CCL Kunzite
Survivors: Kunzite & Patrick Sander

Elimination Chamber Results

CCL World Heavyweight Championship

Draw Wrestler Order Eliminated by
1 Dante 4 Logan
2 Nathan House 2 Heinman
3 Michael Heinman 3 Logan
4 TGO 1 Heinman
6 Tommy Kazarian 5 Logan

Miscellaneous Facts

  • Stephanie McMahon announced two matches for Holiday Havoc 2011. The two matches she announce were The Butcher & Overkill vs. Natural Phenomenon for the CCL Tag Team Championship and Dallas vs. Miley Cyrus in a steel cage match. She also announce that the loser of the steel cage match will be fired.
  • Princess Zelda and FvH's Princess Allura fought each other in one of the locker rooms.
  • Miss Penny Dreadful attack Giuliana Fontana while Fontana was having an interview with Mickie James.