Black Friday 2012
CCL Black Friday 2012
Tagline(s) "The End of the World As You Know It Is Coming"
Promotion CAW Champions League
Date December 21, 2012
Venue America West Arena
City Phoenix, AZ
Theme Song "Losing My Insanity" by Sonata Arctica
Last Event CCL Supernova 2012
Next Event CCL Uprising 2013


CCL World Heavyweight Championship
Brent Harvanator (c) vs. Smokey

CCL Women's Championship
Meredith Clark (c) vs. April Acid

CCL National Championship
The Great D (c) vs. Aaron Alexander

3 Way Dance for the CCL Hardcore Championship
Mark Austin (c) vs. CJ Logan vs. Lewis Murphy

CCL Women's Tag Team Championship
Christie Monteiro & Wonder Woman (c) vs. Sports Entertainment Xtreme (Aya & The Kid)

Otherland Return Match
The Great One vs. Sherman Samson

Six Woman Tag Team
Sisters of Smash (Samus, Princess Zelda, & Princess Peach) vs. Marvelicious (Black Widow, Elektra, & Psylocke)


# Match Stipulation Time
Pre 1 Giuliana Fontana def. Demonique Singles Match 6:36
Pre 2 Leonidas Gonzalez def. Vladimir Kozlov Singles Match 4:07
Pre 3 Love Hurts (Cassandra Love & Korey Owens) def. Juliet Starling & Sophia Giovanni Women's Tag Team Match 8:37
Pre 4 Aaron Alexander & Leon Gonzalez def. XtremeTony & Suspect, The Constrictors, The Freemans, Affliction, and Tommy Kazarian & Matt Phoenix No. 1 Contender's Tag Team Turmoil; Winners face The Butcher & Overkill for the CCL Tag Titles @ Holiday Havoc 3 48:49
1 Black Widow & Psylektra (Eletrka & Psylocke) def. Sisters & Smash (Samus, Princess Zelda, & Princess Peach) Six Woman Tag Team Match 11:45
2 CJ Logan def. Mark Austin (c) and Lewis Murphy Three Way Dance for the CCL Hardcore Championship 11:01
3 Christie Monteiro & Wonder Woman (c) def. Sports Entertainment (Aya & The Kid) w/Saya Women's Tag Team Match for the CCL Women's Tag Team Championship 13:42
4 TGO def. Sherman Samson Otherland Return Match 16:53
5 The Great D (c) def. Aaron Alexander Singles Match for the CCL National Championship 12:54
6 Meredith Clark (c) def. April Acid Singles Match for the CCL Women's Championship 13:20
7 Brent Harvanator (c) def. Smokey Singles Match for the CCL World Heavyweight Championship 14:31
  • Pre 4 - Aaron Alexander and Leonidas Gonzalez entered in the match illegally. As Suspect's entrance music was playing, he was found lay out backstage.
  • 6 - The masked individual interfered and nailed out Acid with a diamond cutter.
  • 7 - Alexander attacked Harvanator from behind as Harvanator was making his way to the ring. After the match, Nathan House announce that he will cashed in his MITB shot against Harvanator for the world title at Holiday Havoc.

Miscellaneous Facts

  • CCL pays a moment of silence for the victims of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting on both The Final Countdown and Black Friday.
  • Vamp attacked Mason Kronik from behind while Kronik was trash talking to the people of Phoenix. Then Vamp lay him out with multiple chair shots and a V Cutter. Vamp explained his attack that he hasn't heard from his adopted daughter, Envy since SEA Defiance. Until she is found alive, he will attack someone at every show.
  • Somebody in a car tried to run over Brent Harvanator, but Brent was able to avoid it.
  • The Kid was found lay out backstage. Later, Aya was found lay out backstage as well.
  • A masked individual attacked Saya with a lead pipe.