Final Destination
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Promotion CAW Champions League
Date April 9, 2011
Venue Wells Fargo Center
City Philadelphia, PA
Theme Song "Final Destination [SSBB]" by Nobuo Uemastu
Last Event CCL Killer Instinct
Next Event CCL Futureshock 2011


Warzone Match for the CCL World Heavyweight Championship
Nathan House (c) vs. Michael Heinman vs. Armageddon vs. XtremeTony

CCL Women's Championship
Christie Monteiro (c) vs. Wonder Woman

Philadelphia Street Fight
Jay-Z vs. The Man in White

CCL National Championship
TGO (c) vs. Gregory Black

XGWL vs. The Movement
XtremeTony, Tommy Kazarian, & Sherman vs. CJ Logan, Mason Kronik, & Vamp

Handicap Match
Dallas & Calypso vs. Divalicious (Beyonce, Tammy, & Miley Cyrus)

Samus vs. Joanna Dark

Thanos vs. Ray Lewis


# Match Stipulation Time
Pre 1 Brent Harvanator def. Nathan Slash Singles Match 7:14
Pre 2 Nina Williams def. Sophia Giovanni Singles Match 6:41
1 TGO (c) def. Gregory Black Singles Match for the CCL National Championship 14:00
2 Samus def. Joanna Dark Singles Match 12:21
3 Ray Lewis def. Thanos Singles Match 13:31
4 Team XGWL (The Great D, Sherman, & Tommy Kazarian) def. The Movement (Vamp, Mason Kronik, & CJ Logan) Six Man Tag Team Match 7:15
5 Envy def. Meredith Clark Hardcore Match 10:23
6 Smokey def. Combo Singles Match 5:33
7 The Man in White def. Dante Philadelphia Street Fight 22:17
8 Dallas and Calypso def. Divalicious (Tammy & Miley Cyrus) Tag Team Match 12:28
9 Wonder Woman def. Christie Monteiro (c) Singles Match for the CCL Women's Championship 20:07
10 Michael Heinman def. Nathan House (c), Armageddon and XtremeTony Warzone Match for the CCL World Heavyweight Championship 32:07
  • 6 - Smokey, who was originally not scheduled to compete issued an open challenge. Combo answered the challenge. Moments later, Smokey revealed he was the man that ran Combo down at Killer Instinct the prior December, leading to the unscheduled match.
  • 7 - Jay-Z was originally scheduled to face The Man in White, but just before the match, he revealed he put a clause in his contract stating he could have someone take his place.
  • 8 - The women's tag team match was originally supposed to be a 3-on-2 handicap match, but Sushi-X ordered Beyonce could not compete without signing a waiver since she was not a wrestler on the roster. Beyonce refused, giving up the one-woman advantage. Dallas would ultimately defeat Tammy by KO.
  • 10 - Michael Heinman was involved with all three eliminations in The Warzone match.


  • Prior to the event, Michael Heinman and Suicido of The Movement lost the tag team championship to Affliction in a house show event.
  • Joanna Dark made her in-ring debut.
  • During March Madness, Beyonce and Miley Cyrus came up with the stipulation that the winner of the match would face the CCL Women's Champion on the following Adrenaline. The loser of the fall would be suspended for two months without pay.