Futureshock: 4th Dimension
CCL Futureshock 2013
Tagline(s) Fight for your future.
Promotion CAW Champions League
Date July 6, 2013
Venue American Airlines Arena
City Miami, FL
Theme Song "Becoming The Bull" by Atreyu
Last Event CCL Uprising 2013
Next Event CCL Supernova 2013
CCL Futureshock: 4th Dimension (also known as CCL Futureshock 2013) is the fourth annual Futureshock event from the CAW Champions League. It took place in the American Airlines Arena on Saturday, July 6, 2013. The main event of Futureshock: 4th Dimension was  a gauntlet match for the CCL World Heavyweight Championship where Gregory Black defended the title against Michael Heinman, Tommy Kazarian, Sherman Samson in matches determined by Black's opponents. The main event was made by "Hollywood" Joseph Matos during Adrenaline #54 when Matos assumed booking duties for the show. Heinman's match of choice was a submission match, while Kazarian chose a ladder match, and Samson opted for an I Quit match.


Match # Result Match Type Time
FC1 Ada Wong d. Tammy Singles match 4:22
FC2 Mark Austin d. Chris Gary Singles match 5:01
FC3 Sisters of Smash (Zelda and Peach) d. Starr Power (Taylor Starr & Juliet Starling) Tag team match 6:04
FC4 Vamp d. Crackdown by knockout Singles match 7:42
FC5 Frank Shatter d. Aaron Spector by countout Singles match 9:42
1 Future Foundation (Matt Phoenix & Tommy Kazarian) d. The Butcher & Overkill to win the CCL Tag Team Championship Tag team match 23:11
2 The Great D d. Joseph Matos Singles match 9:59
3 Diana Diamond and ??? d. Sports Entertainment Xtreme (Aya, Saya, and The Kid) 2-on-3 handicap match 10:22
4 Suicido d. Lewis Murphy by first blood to win the CCL Hardcore Championship "Hooligan rules" hardcore match 14:02
5 Beth Phoenix d. Wonder Woman to retain the CCL Womens Championship Singles match 19:03
6 Gregory Black d. Michael Heinman by submission to retain the CCL World Heavyweight Championship Submission match 9:41
7 Gregory Black d. Tommy Kazarian to retain the CCL World Heavyweight Championship Ladder match 16:32
8 Gregory Black d. Sherman Samson by submission to retain the CCL World Heavyweight Championship I Quit match 22:36


  • CCL stole this event's logo from on DeviantArt. It would not be their last.
  • This was Tammy's first appearance in CCL since Holiday Havoc 3.
  • Chris Gary also wrestled for the first time as a full-time wrestler on the roster.
  • During the Final Countdown, there was an Alyssa Live segment with guest Meredith Clark. During the segment, Clark offered to buy the CAW Champions League from owner/founder Sushi-X, but Sushi-X declined the offer.
  • Future Foundation's win ended the longest tag team championship reign in CCL history and the longest active title reign in CCL at the time (226 days).
  • Sherman Samson interfered at the conclusion of The Great D-Joseph Matos match.
  • "Hooligan rules" were the rules introduced by Murphy during his hardcore title reign, where the title could only change hands via knockout or drawing first blood on his opponent.
  • It was incorrectly stated that Beth Phoenix had defeated every former CCL Womens Champion on the roster with her win over Wonder Woman. As of this show, Beth has yet to defeat Samus Aran in a match.
  • Gregory Black became the first person to successfully defend any championship three times in one night in CCL history.