Futureshock 2012
CCL Futureshock-2
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Promotion CAW Champions League
Date July 28, 2012
Venue American Airlines Arena
City Miami, FL
Theme Song "Better This Way" by Cherri Bomb
Last Event CCL Forsaken
Next Event CCL Supernova 2012


CCL World Heavyweight Championship
Aaron Alexander (c) vs. XtremeTony

CCL Women's Championship
Lara Croft (c) vs. Meredith Clark

No Holds Barred Match
Gregory Black vs. CJ Wizard

Triangle of Hate Match
Dallas vs. Sgt. Clemets vs. April Acid

CCL Women's Tag Team Championship Tournament Final
Christie Monteiro & Wonder Woman vs. Samus & Zelda

CCL National Championship
The Great D (c) vs. CJ Logan; Winner to face preshow 10-Man Battle Royal Winner

CCL Tag Team Championship
The Butcher & Overkill (c) vs. The Freemans


# Match Stipulation Time
Pre 1 Mark Austin def. Boa The Constrictor Singles Match 2:46
Pre 2 John Morrison def. A-Pac Aries Singles Match 4:44
Pre 3 Psylocke & Elektra def. HWO (Envy & Misery) Women's Tag Team Match 12:29
Pre 4 Saya def. Miss Penny Dreadful Singles Match 5:48
Pre 5 Vamp def. Smokey, The Suspect, Michael Heinman, Brent Harvanator, Tommy Kazarian, Patrick Sander, Kunzite, Sherman, and Joseph Matos 10 Man Over The Top Rope Battle Royal; Winner face The Great D for the National Title later on the event 14:04
1 The Great D (c) def. CJ Logan Singles Match for the CCL National Championship 12:59
2 The Great D (c) def. Vamp Singles Match for the CCL National Championship 3:13
3 The Freemans (Huey & Riley Freeman) def. The Butcher & Overkiller (c) Tag Team Match for the CCL Tag Team Championship 13:51
4 Sisters of Smash (Samus & Princess Zelda) def. Christie Monteiro & Wonder Woman Women's Tag Team Match for the CCL Women's Tag Team Championship 14:42
5 Gregory Black def. CJ Wizard No Holds Barred Match 2:35
6 Sgt. Clemets def. Dallas and April Acid Triangle of Hate Match 20:26
7 Meredith Clark def. Lara Croft (c) Singles Match for the CCL Women's Championship 16:23
8 Aaron Alexander (c) def. XtremeTony Singles Match for the CCL World Heavyweight Championship 18:15
  • 1 - Aaron Alexander attack The Great D from behind after the match.
  • 2 - Vamp cashed in his shot from winning the 10 Man Battle Royal on the preshow after The Great D got ambushed from Alexander.
  • 4 - Princess Peach interfered and cost Christie & Wonder Woman the match.
  • 5 - Gregory Black bushwhacked CJ Wizard from behind when CJ Wizard was coming down the entrance ramp.
  • 8 - Tammy tried to help XtremeTony, but she double-crossed him and cost him the match as well.


  • Leonidas Gonzales laid out Matt Phoenix and Tommy Kazarian backstage during the show.
  • Jospeh Matos take over Phoenix's place in the 10 Man Battle Royal Match.
  • Due a pre-show pre-match stipulation, if Matos wins the 10 Man Battle Royal and the CCL National Championship, he would control 100% of CCL. But if he lose, then he wouldn't ask the opportunity ever again.