CCL Hardcore Championship
CCL Hardcore Championship
Current champion(s) Vacant
Date Won April 5, 2016
League CAW Champions League
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Introduced September 4, 2011
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Most reigns Suicido; Michael Heinman; CJ Wizard (2 reigns)
First Champion Brent Harvanator
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Longest Reign Brent Harvanator (360 days)
Shortest Reign Michael Heinman (4 days)
Heaviest Champion Mark Austin (290 lbs.)
Lightest Champion Sherman Samson (188 lbs.)
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The CCL Hardcore Championship is a championship of the CAW Championship League and this title is only defended under hardcore rules. The first champion was determined at Supernova 2011 in a Extreme Elimination Match, which was won by Brent Harvanator. His 360-day reign as hardcore champion stands as the longest men's singles title run in CCL history. The championship is now vacanted due to CJ Wizard wanting a shot for the CCL World Heavyweight Championship on Arealine #84.

CCL Hardcore Championship History:

Wrestler Times Date Won Days Held Location Event Notes
Brent Harvanator 1 September 3, 2011 360 Houston, TX CCL Supernova 2011 Harvanator won the title in a Extreme Elimination Match after last eliminating Combo. Shaun Crossfire and Smokey was also in the match.
Vacant August 31, 2012 Minneapolis, MN CCL Adrenaline #45 Brent Harvanator vacated the title to focus on his upcoming CCL World Championship shot.
Mark Austin 1 September 15, 2012 97 Detroit, MI CCL Supernova 2012 Austin won the title in a Extreme Elimination Match by last eliminating Lewis Murphy. Vamp and A-Pac was also in the match.
CJ Logan 1 December 21, 2012 114 Phoenix, AZ CCL Black Friday 2012 Logan won the title in a Three Way Dance by pinning Mark Austin. Lewis Murphy was also in the match.
Lewis Murphy 1 April 13, 2013 84 Boston, MA CCL Uprising 2013 Murphy defeated Logan in a first blood match. On Adrenaline #54, Murphy introduced "Hooligan Rules" for all title defenses, where the title could only change hands via knockout or drawing first blood.
Suicido 1 July 6, 2013 66 Miami, FL CCL Futureshock: 4th Dimension Suicido defeated Murphy in a "Hooligan Rules" Match by drawing first blood.
Michael Heinman 1 September 10, 2013 4 Chicago, IL CCL Adrenaline #60 Heinman defeated Suicido in a "Hooligan Rules" 3-Way Dance by submission. Lewis Murphy was also in the match.
Vacant September 14, 2013 Minneapolis, MN CCL Supernova 2013 CCL general manager Xavier Mitchell stripped Heinman of the title at Supernova, citing referee error.
Suicido 2 September 14, 2013 146 Minneapolis, MN CCL Supernova 2013 Suicido won the championship in a TLC Match. Michael Heinman, Vamp, and Mark Austin were also in the match.
Michael Heinman 2 February 7, 2014 234 Las Vegas, NV CCL Adrenaline #65 Heinman defeated Suicido in a Hell in a Cell Match.
Joseph Matos 1 September 27, 2014 149 Brooklyn, NY CCL Resurrection Matos won the championship in a Hardcore Gauntlet Match.
Gregory Black 1 February 23, 2015 166 Oakland, CA CCL Supernova 2015 Black won the championship in an "I Quit" Match.
CJ Wizard 1 August 8, 2015 141 Dallas, TX CCL The Big One Wizard won the championship in a 3 Stages of Hell.
Sherman Samson 1 December 27, 2015 77 Los Angeles, CA CCL Holiday Havoc 6
CJ Wizard 2 March 13, 2016 Chicago, IL CCL Supernova 2016 Wizard won the championship in a Triple Threat First Blood Match. Gregory Black and Sherman Samson were also in the match.
Vacant April , 2016 Cleveland, OH CCL Cadrenaline #84 Wizard dropped the title for a shot at the CCL World Heavyweight Championship.

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