CCL Holiday Havoc is a special holiday event designed to cap off the first year of the CAW Champions League. It took place from the Staples Center in Los Angeles, CA. It is highlighted by two championship matches, a twenty-man Royal Rumble match, and the CCL Awards. The theme song of Holiday Havoc is "We Wish You A Merry Christmas" by Fire Rocket Launcher.

Final Card

20 Man Royal Rumble Match: The winner will face the CCL World Heavyweight Champion at the next CPV.

CCL World Heavyweight Championship: Nathan House (c) vs. Armageddon

CCL National Championship: Gregory Black (c) vs. Mason Kronik

Miley Cyrus vs. Miss Penny Dreadful

Hardcore Match: Dante vs. Vamp

Samus vs. Wonder Woman


Match# Match Stipulation Time
1. Gregory Black (c) def. Mason Kronik Singles Match for the CCL National Championship 9:06
2. Miley Cyrus defeated Miss Penny Dreadful by Disqualification Singles Match 3:00
3. Dante defeated Vamp Hardcore match 8: 53
4. Wonder Woman defeated Samus Singles Match 4: 53
5. Nathan House (c) defeated Armageddon by Disqualification Singles Match for the CCL World Heavyweight Championship 14:46
6. Tommy Kazarian is the winner 20 Man Money in the Bank Royal Rumble match 22:11
  • 1. - Michael Heinman and Kronik attacked Black after the match.
  • 3. - During the match, Heinman interfered the match and attacked Dante.
  • 5. - Heinman attacked House with a steel chair and causes a dq. After the match, Armageddon tried to beat Nathan House, but House attacked back.

MITB Royal Rumble Results

Draw Entry Order Eliminated by
1 Huey Freeman 1 Slash and Sautkin
2 Nathan Slash 8 TGO and Shatter
3 Dan Sautkin 4 Slash and Oddjob
4 Riley Freeman 2 Slash
5 "The Playmaker" XtremeTony 3 Slash, Sherman and Sautkin
6 Sherman 7 Slash
7 Oddjob 5 Slash and Sherman
8 Frank Shatter 6 Shatter and TGO
9 Aaron Spector 9 TGO
10 TGO 10 Dante
11 Dante 11 CJ Wizard and Heinman
12 Michael Heinman 12 Butcher and Smokey
13 CJ Wizard 14 Butcher
14 Smokey 16 Butcher
15 Vamp 15 Smokey
16 The Great D 13 CJ Wizard
17 The Butcher 17 Kazarian
18 Tommy Kazarian N/A WINNER
19 Randor Drakos 18 Kazarian
20 "The True Phenom" CJ Logan 19 Kazarian

Miscellaneous Facts

  • Prior to the show, CCL owner Sushi-X announced through CCL GM Jay-Z that the winner of the battle royal would receive the Men's Money in the Bank briefcase as opposed to the guaranteed championship match at the next CCL CPV as originally announced at Killer Instinct.
  • Samus got jumped from Wonder Woman during Samus' attempt to interrupt Christie Monteiro's victory speech.

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