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CCL Holiday Havoc 2 is a special holiday event designed to cap off the second year of the CAW Champions League. It took place from the American Airlines Center in Dallas, TX. It is highlighted by a forty-man Royal Rumble match, two championship matches, and the CCL Awards.

Final Card

40 Man Money in the Bank Royal Rumble

CCL Women's Championship: Samus (c) vs. Lara Croft

CCL Tag Team Championship: The Butcher & Overkill (c) vs. Natural Phenomenon

The Movement (Michael Heinman, CJ Logan, TGO) vs. XtremeTony, Tommy Kazarian and Matt Phoenix

Nathan House vs. Aaron Alexander

Miss Penny Dreadful vs. Giuliana Fontana

Loser Leaves CCL Steel Cage Match: Dallas vs. Miley Cyrus


No. Match Stipulation Time
1 Lara Croft defeated Samus by count-out Singles Match for the CCL Women's Championship 8:22
2 Nathan House defeated Aaron Alexander by DQ Singles Match 9:39
3 Miss Penny Dreadful defeated Giuliana Fontana Hardcore Match 11:27
4 Brent Harvanator (c) defeated Kunzite Hardcore Match for the CCL Hardcore Championship 11:53
5 Dallas defeated Miley Cyrus Steel Cage Match 13:11
6 The Butcher & Overkill (c) defeated Natural Phenomenon (Gregory Black & CJ Wizard) Tag Team Match for the CCL Tag Team Championship 13:17
7 XtremeTony , Tommy Kazarian, and Matt Phoenix defeated The Movement (Michael Heinman, TGO , and Vamp) Six-Man Tag Team Match 22:21
8 Nathan House is the winner 40 Man Money in the Bank Royal Rumble Match 57:36
  • 1 - Stephanie McMahon told Samus that she named a opponent for her at CAWnspiracy and that opponent was none other than Lara Croft.
  • 2 - Both Michael Heinman and Armageddon came down to the ring during the match.
  • 3 - McMahon restarted the match and made it into a hardcore match. Tammy came down to ringside and attack Dreadful.
  • 4 - After the match, Death stole the title from Brent, Brent went chasing for him but got hit in the back by Nathan Slash with the CCL Hardcore belt.
  • 5 - Due to the stipulation of the match, Miley Cyrus was fired from CCL.
  • 7 - XtremeTony got the pin and get the right to face Logan for the CCL World Heavyweight Championship at CAWnspiracy. After the match, Logan appears on the titantron and both him and XtremeTony decided to put both the CCL World Heavyweight and National Titles in a Title vs. Title Match at CAWspiracy.

MITB Royal Rumble Results

Draw Entry Order Eliminated by
1 Overkill 5 Armageddon
2 Gambit 2 Shaun Crossfire
3 Nathan Slash 1 Overkill
4 Tommy Kazarian 6 Armageddon
5 Armageddon 18 Harvanator & Generuxe
6 Shaun Crossfire 4 Overkill
7 Matt Phoenix 3 Overkill
8 Dante 12 Neale Generuxe
9 Randor Drakos 8 Armageddon
10 Suicido 7 Dante
11 Aaron Alexander 17 Brent Harvanator
12 Nate Matthews 10 Aaaron Alexander
13 Sherman 9 Armageddon
14 Frank Shatter 11 Armageddon
15 Boa the Constrictor 13 Armageddon
16 XtremeTony 14 Armageddon
17 Neale Generuxe 19 Brent Harvanator
18 Aaron Specter 15 Brent Harvanator
19 Brent Harvanator 21 Combo
20 The Butcher 16 Neale Generuxe
21 Deathly Dangerous 20 Brent Harvanator
22 Combo 24 A-Pac
23 Patrick Sander 22 Combo
24 Nathan House N/A WINNER
25 Nicor Berith 23 Smokey
26 Smokey 25 Huey Freeman
27 A-Pac 27 Nathan House
28 Huey Freeman 28 Nathan House
29 Riley Freeman 30 Zach Ryder
30 Gregory Black 26 Riley Freeman
31 The Great D 29 Nathan House
32 Zach Ryder 31 John Cena
33 Rob Van Dam 32 Nathan House
34 MVP 33 John Cena
35 John Cena 34 Nathan House
36 John Morrison 36 Michael Heinman
37 CJ Wizard 38 Michael Heinman
38 TGO 35 John Morrison
39 Michael Heinman 39 Nathan House
40 Vamp 37 Heinman and Wizard
  • 21 - Chris Gary beat the living hell out of Deathly Dangerous after Death was eliminated.
  • Surprise appearances for Zach Ryder, Rob Van Dam, MVP, John Cena, and John Morrison.

Miscellaneous Facts

  • Deathly Dangerous cut a promo about the Army of Death's win at CCL Black Friday. But then Brent Harvanator appears on the titantron and told him that McMahon offered Harvanator to face any member of the Army of Death on this event. Harvanator pick Kunzite to be his opponent.
  • CJ Logan wasn't at the event due to getting ready for CAWnspiracy and he gave an idea that the one who gets the pinfall, submission or knockout in the six-man tag team match will face him for the CCL World Heavyweight Championship at CAWnspiracy.

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