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CCL March Madness 2010 is the first annual tournament to determine the #1 contenders for the CCL World Heavyweight and Women's Championships at CCL's first mega-event Uprising. It is a single elimination tournament conducted over a span of one week. There was a 8-man tournament and a 8-woman tournament. It took place from March 16 - 23, 2010. The theme song of the tournament was "Showstopper" by Toby Mac.

The Tournament

Only winners advanced; in the event there was no winner in a match, both men or women would be eliminated.

First Round

Match Result Time
(W6) Calypso defeated (W3) Meredith Clark pin 6:15
(M1) Armageddon defeated (M8) Adam Edge pin 7:59
(W7) Miss Penny Dreadful defeated (W2) Barb Wire pin 9:16
(M5) Vamp defeated (M4) Tommy Kazarian pin 6:54
(W4) Samus defeated (W5) Nina Williams pin 9:10
(M7)Michael Heinman defeated (M2) XtremeTony pin 6:06
(M3) Thanos defeated (M6) Gregory Black pin 3:40
(W1) Tammy defeated (M8) Sophia Giovanni pin 8:26

pin = pinfall; sub = submission; KO = knockout


Match Result Time
(M1) Armageddon defeated (M7) Michael Heinman KO 10:02
(W3) Meredith Clark defeated (W4) Samus pin 12:03
(M3) Thanos defeated (M5) Vamp KO 10:10
(W1) Tammy defeated (W7) Miss Penny Dreadful pin 9:59


Match Result Time
(W3) Meredith Clark defeated (W1) Tammy pin 9:57
(M3) Thanos defeated (M1) Armageddon pin 9:55


  • The tournament is in its' entirety is on Dailymotion. Both finals is on YouTube.
  • Samus attacked Barb Wire and layed her out with the Crystal Flash.
  • Meredith Clark & Sophia Giovaani brawled with Tammy & Miley Cryus of Divalicious.
  • Meredith Clark replaced Calypso for her semifinal match against Samus due to Calypso's injuries from an mysterious attack in the back.
  • Barb Wire assaulted Samus with a steel chair.
  • ECW"s Shaun Crossfire assaulted Vamp with a kendo stick.
  • Crossfire explained his actions why he attack Vamp and challenge him to a match at Uprising to find out who is the real hardcore icon of CAW.
  • Dallas try to interfered in Meredith Clark's match but Clark's BFF Calypso stopped that.
  • Barb Wire issued a challenge to Samus to face her at Uprising so they can end their feud once and for all.
  • CCL World Heavyweight Champion Aaron Alexander came out to congrat Thanos because he was looking forward to beating his ass at Uprising again. Thanos told him that it is only a matter of time before he become champion and rule this company with an iron fist. Then Alexander told him that the only way he getting the championship from him is over his dead body.


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