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CCL Supernova is a fan-interactive special event where CAW fans chose the matches and stipulations for the show. This includes three championship matches, two grudge matches, and a match featuring new and future members of the roster. The tagline for the event, appropriately, is "It's Your Show...Take It Over!" CCL Supernova took place from the Air Canada Centre in Toronto, Ontario, Canada on Saturday, September 4, 2010. The theme song of Supernova is "Things Will Never Be The Same" by Hypnogaja.


Though this event has many elements of a CPV/mega-event, this is not considered as such, so the "no disqualification/no-countout" rule does not apply unless otherwise indicated.


Match# Match Stipulation Time
PS1 Suspect def. KroniK (Brian Adams and Bryan Clark) Handicap Match for the CAW Champion of Champions 9:30
PS2 Lara Croft def. Samus Singles Match 11:08
PS3 Vector Haze def. Shawn Dynasty, Matt Phoenix, and Xavier Fatal 4-Way Falls Anywhere Match 4:04
1 Divalicious (Tammy and Miley Cyrus) def. Meredith Clark & Calypso Extreme Rules Tornado Tag match 10:15
2 Princess Zelda def. Alexis Vixen, Envy, and Black Widow Fatal 4-Way Divas Match 6:59
3 Gregory Black (c) def. CJ Wizard Singles Match for the CCL National Championship 18:25
4 Vamp defeated Shaun Crossfire "I Quit" match 22:35
5 Christie Monteiro (c) def. Wonder Woman Singles Match for the CCL Women's Championship 18:47
6 Armageddon def. Aaron Alexander (c) and Thanos Triple Threat match for the CCL World Heavyweight Championship 19:20
  • 2 - Black Widow and Princess Zelda made their CCL debuts.
  • 6 - The CCL owner Sushi-X changed the main event from a singles match into a triple threat match. Also, he made a annoucement that regardless of the outcome of the main event, the two men that didn't win would get no rematch for the CCL World Heavyweight Championship.

Miscellaneous FactsEdit

  • Suspect vacated the title voluntarily following the match and officially retired from CCL.
  • During a announcement from George Lopez aka the CCL GM, the CAW Champion of Champions title is no longer be defeded nor contested on any CCL programming. Any member of the roster can contend for the title, other than Michael Heinman, does so at their own risk.
  • Michael Heinman was pissed about the announcement, he attacked Lopez to a bloody pulp. After the attack, Michael Heinman announce that he and Mason Kronik are now called "The Movement".

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