Supernova 2012
CCL Supernova 2012-v2
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Promotion CAW Champions League
Date September 15, 2012
Venue Joe Louis Arena
City Detroit, MI
Theme Song "Supernova" by Loyale
"Revolution" by Pennywise
Last Event CCL Futureshock 2012
Next Event CCL Black Friday 2012


CCL World Heavyweight Championship
Aaron Alexander (c) vs. TBD

CCL Womens Championship
Meredith Clark (c) vs. TBD

CCL National Championship
The Great D (c) vs. TBD

CCL Hardcore Championship
Participants and stipulation TBD

CCL Womens Tag Team Championship
Sisters of Smash (Samus & Zelda) (c) vs. TBD

Dallas vs. Sgt. Clemets; Stipulation TBD

Michael Heinman vs. Armageddon; Stipulation TBD

Gregory Black vs. TBD; Stipulation TBD


Polls for the event opened on July 29, after the conclusion of Futureshock. In all, there were ten polls for various matches and stipulations. Fans were allowed to cast votes every six hours through a special website through September 3.


Match# Match Stipulation Time
PS 1 Juilet Starling def. Black Widow Singles Match 5:42
PS 2 Patrick Sandler def. Gambit Singles Match 3:55
Pre 3 Ray Lewis def. Mason Kronik Singles Match 1:37
PS 4 Korey "KO" Owens def. Jenn Noureldin Singles Match 5:35
PS 5 The Freemans (c) def. Smokey & Suspect and Matt Phoenix & Tommy Kazarian Three-Team Double Elimination Match for the CCL Tag Team Championship 29:44
1 Mark Austin def. Vamp, Lewis Murphy, & A-Pac Extreme Elimination Match for the vacated CCL Hardcore Championship 15:52
2 Christie Monteiro & Wonder Woman def. Sisters of Smash (Samus & Princess Zelda) (c) Tag Team Match for the CCL Women's Tag Team Championship 11:27
3 The Great D (c) def. Smokey Singles Match for the CCL National Championship 12:08
4 Armageddon def. Michael Heinman I Quit Match 22:20
5 Meredith Clark (c) def. Miss Penny Dreadful Singles Match for the CCL Women's Championship 16:16
6 Dallas def. Sgt. Clemets Texas Deathmatch 36:42
7 Sherman Samson, Smokey, & Suspect def. Gregory Black Fan's Revenge Gauntlet Match 18:37
8 Brent Harvanator def. Aaron Alexander (c) Singles Match for the CCL World Heavyweight Championship 19:58
  • Pre 3 - Mason Kronik made his surprising return for over a year due to not been seen in CCL after The Butcher sent him to hell. Also, he issued an open challenge to anyone in the back and Ray Lewis answered it.
  • Pre 5 - Huey Freeman interfered and Overkill break up Riley Freeman's pin attempt on Matt Phoenix during the match.
  • 4 - The ring set ablaze before the match and Armageddon was set on fire by Heinman due to throwing out of the ring but the match continues. Heinman called the rest of the Terror Train to take Armageddon but someone took out both Alberto Del Rio and Richardo Rodriguez. Then Blaine attack Armageddon from behind and throw him in the ring. When Heinman was about win the match, the lights went out and moments later, Masahiro Chono came out, beat the shit out of Heinman and forced him to say the infamous two words "I Quit".
  • 7 - Black argued with the ref of how the match ended. Then Black attack the ref but the ref attack back and Black was escorted from the building by security.
  • 8 - Gonzales interfered and tried to cost Harvanator the match. Then Nathan House came and prevented Alexander to win the match the cheap way.


  • Brent Harvanator vacated the Hardcore Championship following Adrenaline #45 after defeating Aaron Alexander to retain the title.
  • Gregory Black could face Sherman, Smokey, or Suspect in a steel cage match, or all three men in a gauntlet match.
  • In a CCL breaking news report, the CCL Tag Team Championship will be defended during the Final Countdown at Supernova. The Freemans will take on a team you selected.
  • Dallas and Sgt. Clemets brawled each other in the parking lot.
  • Envy and Sgt. Clemets was argued between each other because what Clemets done earlier to Dallas so due to that, Envy decided that Clemets will received no help and on her own in her match against Dallas.
  • April Acid ambushed Envy with a lead pipe.
  • Alyssa Milano made her return to the CAW Champions League with Alyssa Live! and her guest was none other than Tammy.
  • Sophia Giovanni told Tammy that XtremeTony will be in the building later on the event and he want to know why Tammy turn her back on him.
  • Samus & Princess Zelda demanded CCL General Manager Trish Stratus a rematch for the CCL Women's Tag Titles on the next Adrenaline. But Stratus stated that on their contracts, they can't get a rematch due to a clause in their contracts.
  • Chono and his mafia got into the production truck. He personally asked CCL to join him and US-Judo for the Otherworld Tour at the Toyko Dome. He also told that The Great Muta want Armageddon to answer a challenge to face him at that event. The Great Muta came to the ring and Armageddon accepted his challenge.
  • XtremeTony asked Tammy why she cost him the CCL World Heavyweight Championship.and her answer to him was she used him. She used him to get in the wrestling business, used him to get championships, used to get the finest things in life, etc. She told him Kevin came to her with an offer to join up his enterprise thing and couldn't say no and her first act as a member of the group was to screwed him out of his title. Then Leonidas Gonzales attack XT from behind and stomped him good. After that, Tommy Kazarian came down the ramp and attack Gonzales. They brawled all the way to the top of the ramp, Kazarian punched Gonzales off the ramp, and hit a swanton bomb off the ramp.