Cold War
COH Cold War
Tagline(s) tbd
Promotion CAW of Honor
Date January 14, 2012
Venue Consol Energy Center
City Pittsburgh, PA
Theme Song "Bulls on Parade" by Rage Against the Machine
Last Event COH Tag Team Warfare
Next Event COH Desperate Measures


# Result Stipulation
1 Bully Nate defeated Kris Blaze Singles match
2 "The Million Dollar Redneck" Jeff Wigger w/Chavi defeated Randy Jefferson Singles match
3 Brett Titus defeated Marco Rose Singles match
4 M-Accuracy defeated El Galvin Singles match
5 Hannah & Wrestlebunny defeated Jamie Callaway & Anna McGuinness Women of Honor Tag Team match
6 Mutatron defeated Seth Styles Singles match
7 The Goonie defeated Andy Struth, Peter Gilmour, Alyx Crest, Thriller, and Jeff Zandig 6-Man Over The Top Rope Battle Royal; Winner gets a shot at the COH Internet Championship
8 "The Future" Kevin Crisis defeated Dan The Man Singles match
9 Christian Storm (c) defeated Mark Vicious by DQ Singles match for the COH Internet Championship
10 Christian Storm & Kris Blaze defeated Vicious Bullies (Bully Nate & Mark Vicious) Fight Without Honor Tag Team match
11 "The American Psycho" Justin Bateman (c) vs. "Rated M Superstar" Masterbubu69 Grudge match for the COH Championship
  • 2 - Chavi distracted Jefferson during the match. After the match, Chavi stomped on Jefferson.
  • 6 - Before the match started, Zane LaFontain of N.A.T.O. joined commentary. After the match, Mutatron & Zane brawled in the ring until CoolNerd attack Zane from behind. MattitudeStatus came down to finish the job until he got KO'ed when Dan The Man landed on him from diving down at top of the titantron. Mutatron & CoolNerd continue to beat Zane until Dan forces them to retreat to the back.
  • 7 - The Goonie, Peter Gilmour, Alyx Crest, and Thriller made their COH in-ring debuts.
  • 8 - After the match, Kevin Crisis issued a challenge to Victorious187 at Desperate Measures, which he accepted.
  • 9 - Mark Vicious punched Christian Storm with a steel chair. After the match, Vicious & Bully Nate assaulted Storm until Kris Blaze made the save. COH Owner Travis didn't like the end result of the match so he made a Fight Without Honor Tag match and he also made two stipulations of the match. If Storm & Blaze wins, then they get a shot at the COH Tag Titles against Vicious Bullies at Desperate Measures. But Vicious Bullies beat Storm & Blaze, then Storm defends the Internet title against Bully Nate & Mark Vicious in a Triple Threat Match T Desperate Measures.
  • 10 - The match was made BY the ending of the COH Internet Championship match.
  • 11 - After the match, M-Accuracy stared at Bateman from the stage until he went back to the locker room.


  • A promo of "The Million Dollar Redneck" Jeff Wigger aired during the event.
  • El Galvin and COH Champion Justin Bateman talked backstage about Pittsburgh's sport teams.
  • A mysterious promo aired during the event that someone is coming for the COH Women's Division.