Do or Die II
Tagline(s) tbd
Promotion CAW of Honor
Date tbd
Venue tbd
City tbd
Theme Song tbd
Last Event COH SummerFest 2
Next Event COH HonorVersary 2

Like the first CPV, Do or Die II was a CPV solely based on an 8-Man tournament comprised of unsigned CAW Wrestlers, with the tournament winner earning a COH Contract. To open the show, COH Tag Team Champions Team YES Beard! entered, with previous years tournament winner Karl Jamz welcoming the 8 contestants and wishing them good luck and The Patriot once again joining Oliver Spinebreaker on commentary.

# Result Stipulation
1 Ro Shambo defeated "The Best in the Universe" Marco Gruber Quarter-Final match
2 "The War Machine" Levi McIntyre defeated The Amazing Punk Quarter-Final match
3 Owen B. Youngblood defeated Mitch M. Quarter-Final match
4 Austin Reed defeated Jay Krack Quarter-Final match
5 Levi McIntyre defeated Ro Shambo Semi-Final match
6 Austin Reed defeated Owen B. Youngblood Semi-Final match
7 Levi McIntyre defeated Austin Reed Do or Die II Finals