Guerilla Warfare 2
Tagline(s) tbd
Promotion CAW of Honor
Date tbd
Venue tbd
City Las Vegas, Nevada
Theme Song tbd
Last Event COH Draft Show
Next Event COH Outbreak 3


# Result Stipulation
1 Tommy Moonshine def. The Amazing Punk #1 Contender for the COH Pride Championship
2 Kevin Cross def. Morris
3 Austin Juhasz def. Andy Pandy, Payne, and Mike Ross 4 Corner Survival Match
4 Ryan Carroll def. TJ Prophet
5 Shawn Walsh def. Justin Bateman
6 Scott Adams and EW def The New Movement (Mark Kennedy and David Rivera) Extreme Rules Tornado Tag Team Match
7 Lester Barkley (c.) def. Caleb Blair and AJ Young TLC Match for COH Pride Championship
8 The Patriot (c.) def Ray Gettys Guerilla Warfare match for COH Championship