Legacy in the Making
COH Legacy in the Making
Tagline(s) tbd
Promotion CAW of Honor
Date October 20, 2011
Venue Birmingham–Jefferson Convention Complex
City Birmingham, AL
Theme Song "WCW Monday Nitro Theme" by Jonathan Elias
Last Event COH The Era of Honor Begins
Next Event COH Honor in Victory

COH Legacy in the Making was the second ever Click-Per-View Event from CAW of Honor. It is also one of the few non-flagship events to feature a sequel CPV of the same name.


The first Legacy in the Making took place on October 20, 2011 in Birmingham, Alabama. The show featured more debuting COH stars that were not resigned by YTCW, and was main evented by the finals of the Survival of the Fittest Tournament to determine the first ever COH Internet Champion.

Match Card

# Result Stipulation
1 Chris Yau defeated Reggie Tillar Singles match
2 187 defeated Randy Jefferson Singles match
3 Zane LaFontain defeated Mutatron Singles match
4 Heather Rocks defeated WrestleBunny Singles match
5 Gilbert Blaze defeated Steve Lifeson Singles match
6 Kevin Crisis defeated Kris Blaze Singles match
7 Dan The Man defeated Seth Styles Singles match
8 Masterbubu defeated Justin Bateman Singles match
9 Christian Storm def. Mark Vicious, The Wiz, Copenhagen, El Galvin, and Bully Nate 6 Man Battle Royal for the COH Internet Championship
  • 3 - Two mystery men who revealed as House of Hypocrites assaulted LaFontain post-match.
  • 5 - After the match, Blaze and Lifeson shook hands.
  • 7 - Dan The Man was revealed as the mystery opponent for Seth Styles. After the match, Dan and Seth got ambushed by the House of Hypocrites.
  • 8 - The Wiz tossed a steel chair to Masterbubu, who proceeded to attack Bateman with it.
  • 9 - M-Accuracy assaulted Storm from behind with a steel pipe after the match.


  • El Galvin was seen having a dinner date with Hannah at a unclosed restaurant during the event.
  • The Wiz got ran over backstage as he walking out of the arena.