People Power was a completely fan-influenced Click-Per-View from CAW of Honor

The gimmick of the show being certain opponents/stipulations were voted on by fans on COHs Facebook pages.

People Power
Tagline(s) tbd
Promotion CAW of Honor
Date tbd
Venue tbd
City tbd
Theme Song "Clubbed to Death" by Rob Dougan
Last Event COH Ultimate Glory 3
Next Event AWF vs. COH Clash of the Titans
# Result Stipulation Voted Options
Pre-Show Fisk defeated Alistor Morgan, Amazing Punk, Ro Shambo, The Maniac Mitch, and Judas Tyrem Six-Man

Over the top rope Battle Royal

1 Rebellion (Nathan Roberts and Jay Justice) defeated Justin Bateman Handicap Match -vs Nathan Roberts

-vs Jay Justice

-vs Both

2 Egotistical Bastards (Shawn Walsh and Ryan Carroll) defeated Caleb Blair and Randy Jefferson Tag Team Match Caleb Blairs Partner:

-Randy Jefferson

-TJ Prophet

-Barney Green

3 Trailer Park Corp. (Jeff Wigger and Morsi Love) defeated Ah-Hah Country (Ultimate Nitro and Donovan Rucker) Tag Team Match -Wigger and Love

-Love and Chavi

-Wigger and Chavi

4 Uncle Lester defeated Morris - Morris Opponent:

-Uncle Lester

-Atticus Marx

-Cousin Kendrik

5 Ameer McDermott (c.) defeated Rockstone Street Fight for the COH PRIDE Championship Match Stipulation-

-Street Fight

-Falls Count Anywhere

-Steel Cage

6 Team YES Beard! (Karl Jamz and The Patriot) (c.) defeated Rap Metal (Brandon Ross and Matt Barnes) Ladder Match for the COH Tag Team Championship Match Stipulation:

-Ladder Match

-Tornado Tag Team Elimination

-Extreme Rules

7 Scott Adams defeated Daniel Mars (c.) 30-Minute Ironman match for the COH Internet Championship Match Stipulation:

-Ironman Match

-Hell in a Cell

-Special Guest Referee (Lewis Stevens)

8 Kevin Crisis (c.) vs The Alex Enterprise (no contest) Last Man Standing match for the COH World Heavyweight Championship Match Stipulation:

-Last Man Standing