COH Pride Championship
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League CAW of Honor
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Title History

Wrestler Times Date Won Days Held Location Event Notes
Masterbubu 1 ??? Days Pride and Glory: Night 2 defeated Chris Yau in tournament finals
Von Hollywood 1 New York, NY Survival in the City
Caleb Blair 1 San Antonio, TX Ready 2 Rumble defeated Von Hollywood, Rockstone, and Masterbubu
Rockstone 1 Los Angelas, CA SummerFest 2
Ameer McDermott 1 Miami, FL Ultimate Glory 3
Fisk 1 Phoenix, AZ Ready to Rumble 3 defeated Ameer McDermott, TJ Prophet, Kenyon Fenix, Lester Barkley, and Rockstone
Lester Barkley 1 Toronto, Ontario, Canada COH: The Draft
Mark Kennedy 1 Washington, DC COH Slam 30: A Night of Celebration
AJ Young 1 San Juan, Puerto Rico COH Riot